Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Epics & Hearthstones

In my last post I had completed the 1.5 epic quest for my necro in EverQuest while sitting at level 85, which was really cool to do. After that post I figured I'd work on the 2.0 epic, finished that up in a couple of days, it was pretty easy with being level 100. I had my first go at Citadel of Anguish, where you need an orb to complete the epic. For years this was the hardest part. My son went along with his 91 mage and we ended up getting him an orb too, now he can do his also. He's not finished it but it is sitting there waiting on him. Dire also decided to do the 1.5 on the bard, which required me to port him all over with my druid, to speed things up. I also helped him forage several globes he needed for the quest. I'd have to say the necro 1.5 was a breeze compared to the one the bard must do. The bard has to do a lot of annoying and trivial things, I really felt for him on this part. Then he decided to also do the 2.0, so another trip to Anguish, we grabbed him an orb and he was extremely happy. A good weekend!

My necromancer is still using the epic 2.0, while many classes may use their 1.5 or 2.0 from inventory as a clicky ability, the necromancer has a worn effect that is very hard to top with even current weapons. I will be looking into finishing the epic 2.5, which is simply an augment with stats and boosts my innate effect on the epic. I'm so excited to have done so much in the last few weeks, so much I wanted to do for years. Levels certainly help acquire and do things we would have needed a huge raid force years ago. There is also reason to get many of these still. Some of them, like he magician 2.0 isn't as good to have because it won't stack with newer buffs but it is still cool to have, plus you get a snazzy new title for each epic you complete, 5 AA for the 1.5 and 10 for the 2.0.

Having the 1.5 and 2.0 done, it made me long for finishing the 1.0, the (classic) original epic. I had done about half of it years ago, when this content was still hard. I never had finished it, places like Plane of Sky were hard to clear out and could get annoying with super long respawns. To this day the necromancer epic 1.0 is still a royal pain. There are two bosses needed from the planes, if you can catch them up, if they don't death touch you! Death touch is a basic one shot. One item I picked up int he bazaar, the Slime Blood of Cazic Thule. That mob is constantly camped, no chance of even getting a shot at it. For that I was glad to get  that part out of the way. I still needed the other meanie which was a Pegasus mob, Keeper of Souls, thus I used an AA skill- Life Burn. He was down in one shot.

At one point I handed in the components needed for the 'Necromancer Test of Power' mini quest within the epic, for the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers. The NPC ate the Black Silk Cape and Spiroc Feathers! I handed in the wrong disc with them, but a nice GM helped me get my items back later that night. THANK YOU! A camp in Plane of Hate for an Eye of Innoruuk and I was done! Most of the other parts of the quest I had an easy time with. Plane of Sky was the absolute worst. Every time I went I had to wait on respawns, which were not spawning back to back because someone of a lower level must have been killing them slowly, they took a really long time to all spawn. This happened several nights in a row. I suspect it was someone playing a Heroic Character, sitting at 85 wanting to do the epic. At 100 it is a breeze.

I'm so happy to have my epic weapons! I got three nifty titles, Dark Apprentice (1.0), Deathspeaker (1.5) and Grand Occultist (2.0). The nifty thing now about getting old epics is you can do a quest to get an augment that makes your current weapon look like the epic. You can do this for each epic weapon, the quest has a 20 hour cool down. I'll be making my 2.0 look like the 1.0, lol. Duckstick for teh win!

I'm really enjoying the necro, it is great to solo with and I have fun grouping with the guys too. It was my first class I ever played, always my favorite. These days EverQuest feels pretty casual, laid back with lots to do. When I log into WoW I don't feel such a relaxed setting. On the Isle I am rushing around looking for rares, spamming buttons so my new monk doesn't die. I want to raid in LFR but just get a headache thinking about it. I still have time on my account so I am playing it, not because I feel I have to, but because I do like my monk who is now melee oriented. I got rid of my healing spec, it wasn't fun for someone who solos so much.

My brother, Heri, is back playing lightly. This time he brought his girlfriend who just got into MMO games, FFXIV is her game of choice though. She likes the questing in WoW but she says it is all too fast. The leveling, the whole pace. I don't think she has time to absorb it all with recruit a friend bonuses. And groups, she says she doesn't understand them here. Nobody works together, explains things, or waits on others. She said people were rude here and basically it doesn't feel fun or like a real group when compared to how players are in FFXIV. Which is a shame. WoW used to not be like this at all. It worked much like those tight little groups in FFXIV. But we've gotten too big for our britches in WoW. It made me sad to hear she experienced groups like that, but that's the WoW we play now (as far as randoms are concerned). In happier news I got my Hearthsteed from Hearthstone. My son finished it up for me. He wasn't happy about it but I pouted so much about how bad I am at those games , lol. I found him finishing up a battle in time for the screenshot :) Go, Joe! You Rock <3 nbsp="" p="">
That's it for today, safe adventures!

My boy and I in Anguish.

Medding up for a big fight. Or he was, I'm a NECRO, I don't need to med =p

Getting his orb, woot!

Doing a Heroic Adventure in EverQuest with the guys. 

A mob for the bard 1.5.

Rockin' the Wood Elf illusion. 

Dire's orb, yay!

Loot it! 

Summoned ontop of a building in Air by a mob, lol. 

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