Friday, February 21, 2014

Time, Never Enough

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have just been very busy and not in much of a mood to write when I did have time. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day, fun with events and such. I really was slack this year with events. I just ran out of time mostly. I've been working on handmade jewelry, mostly steampunk themed items, which I thoroughly enjoy, stocking my shop on Etsy and taking pictures. It really is time consuming. I have tried to keep up a blog for it but it never works out well. I have more time invested on this one and when I sit down to write I just want it to be here. Anyhow, if you'd like to see some of my work, check it out here

I decided to get over Vanguard being sunset and stop being angry with SOE about it, thus I have been paying a bit of EQ2. I really wanted to participate in the holiday event and got a few neat items from it. I have been playing my Brigand mostly, which I really love. It is nice being back, EQ2 is a great game for someone who likes to do something different all the time. Sometimes I work on housing or building a dungeon, other times crafting, some days I will work on quest chains and factions and then there are plenty of events to break up the monotony as well. 

That being said, I also picked up one of the founders packs for EverQuest Next: Landmark. The requirements for the game seem a bit steep if you ask me. The game doesn't look as though it should require the specs it does. It looks good but currently there are not a lot of options, if you want to turn things like shadows off, you need to go into a file and change it. It is in alpha though. It runs on my computer but a lot of halting when running across areas, it runs on Dire's newer machine very well but it still has a washed out look on both machines. I think it will shape nicely into a good game. I am not as excited about it as I thought I would be, I suppose having to play it on someone else's computer probably sucked the fun out of it for me. My processor is a bit slow for the game, unfortunately. 

Dire and I still play LoTRO daily. I mostly play with him, as busy as I have been I end up logging into EQ2 while he is away or I'd never get any time to play anything else. My lore master is level 30, just hit it last night and his is 32. We are also working on a better duo for dungeons and instances, he is playing a warden and I the minstrel, which are both sitting at 23. We have a smattering of other alts but really no time to play anything besides the four we have together. We both enjoy the game and it has kept us entertained this far. We picked up the bulk pack with expansions, leaving just one needed. 

When I have a few moments to squeeze in I like to play Onverse still. My friend, Rak, has been playing it also and I feel bad I don't log in enough. He has really gotten some awesome stuff,  he's definitely surpassed me in the cool items department, lol. I am also wanting to design more in Second Life, my sales have picked up slightly and it gives me a bit of spending money when I do play. I miss creating items, so maybe I'll utilize some time on that soon. 

That's it for today, I should be back on posting in a more timely manner for now on, schedule changes for the family, busy working on my shop and just life in general sometimes get the best of me. Have a great weekend! Pics, because even if I don't write, I am always thinking about writing and sharing here!

I love wings in EQ2.

Another pic of my brig, all steampunk-y looking.

The throne is mine!

My neighborhood in LoTRO.

My character making some stupid faces.... She bugged out and kept making her face do crazy things.

Wandering around in the mist, oh my eyes.  

I hope my robe doesn't get muddy...

Starry night.

My lore master! Because top hats are awesome!


Dire and I, he is on his warden here.

Chasing the moon.... Not really. 

Hanging out with Twig. 

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