Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Warm Glow

The days grow shorter, the weather grows a little colder (sometimes, here in Houston), which gives a little more reason to stay inside in the comfort of our cozy home. I like to settle down to a good game in the winter evenings, it is nice to have a computer room to do so. I've plastered up posters and started filling it up with my geeky toys. Lately I've been just looking to relax and not stress over anything, I'm just looking for stress free gaming sessions.

Rift has been pretty smooth going. I've been questing, just playing in short sessions, but I'm really enjoying myself. A big part of it is the way I can just switch things out and feel like I am playing a different class. I could see myself working on one of each type of character (mage, rogue, warrior, cleric) to 60. For now I am just trying to get the mage to 60, lol. The combat is pretty fluid, fights don't last too long. The Rift souls (specs) are really fun and it is great picking one that is already made or sometimes tinkering with a spec.

I also enjoy the cosmetic side of Rift. The world is beautiful, plenty of sights to see. Some zones are better looking than others but there is always something interesting. The cosmetic armor and cosmetic slots are fun to play around with, especially if you're an appearance junkie like me.

I've also been popping into EverQuest, as my son has really taken a shining to the game. His ranger is now level 75 with close to 500 AA points. He's really enjoying the game as well as his class. I've taken him to a few zones to group with some of my alts who are around his level. He is always very impressed with all the interesting zones we travel to. I don't really do the power leveling thing. For one I get very antsy. Sometimes I'll two box my enchanter and another character, but just for group enhancement.

Dire is the one who does the power leveling. He's helped knock out quite a few AA points and some levels. It is nice seeing the guys talking about the game, grouping together, playing something I'd never of thought my son would take to. EverQuest does have a lot to work towards, different things to do. Basically a lot to do.

He's now working on his epic 1.0 quest, halfway through it this evening. As I type this, he's out in the Karanas trying to forage a root. The only thing I worry about is Venereal Sathere's remains going down (someone camping it perhaps) before we can get to it, causing a long, long camp. Then again we are on the RP server- Firiona Vie. Which means we could probably find the needed item in the Bazaar, if we really needed to. Something to consider. Maybe Tunare will shine on us, heh.

His epic 1.0 is a bit low for a 75, but there is a slow proc that is valuable at any level (attack speed slowing debuff). Plus, he's also said he gets to see more of the world and the point of doing it is to have done it. Which is nice to see. After this we'll work on his 1.5, bring Dire in on that part. He's the beast that does all the hard stuff, lol. If it weren't for him I don't think I'd still be playing. He makes the game that more enjoyable.

So that's it for tonight. Basking to the warm glow of the monitor, as the night get a little colder and the day a little shorter. Hope you are all warm and toasty, enjoying whatever it is you're playing!

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