Friday, November 15, 2013

The Quickie Post- Rift

Within the last few weeks of playing Rift I've picked up playing more steadily. It is nice to be back, while I've been fiddling on alts I'm also working on my main. I figure I may as well get one to cap, this time around I'm having fun with the Harbinger spec, it really is a lot of fun. The climb from 50-60 is not nearly as bad as t was, recently it was tuned to be more along the lines of 1-50. I've noticed it going a good bit faster. I managed to hit 55 last night. Woo!

Rift is a nice game, I'm especially enjoying the quests. I'm taking it easy on Instant Adventures lately, I used to do so many that I neglected questing. I like exploring around and the scenery is lovely to do so. Carnage quests are nice too, I love finding them and knocking them out.

I've also been decorating a few dimensions on my three characters. It is nice to have a cool dimension for each of them. Always fun and relaxing to do a little decorating or just pop in one and soak in the scenery for a few.

My year sub is up around January, as of now I plan on asking for another year for Christmas, but we'll see. I think I used it well, popping in here and there, chugging on alts, getting to see events. For me it was worth it.

Just a short post today, figured I'd share some lovely shots! Have a great weekend!

My rogue's dimension, love the little cabin area.


A little pond I decorated. Little fox pet decided to sit on the lamp there, lol. Cuuute.

Cozy cottage beside the pond.

Searching for treasures in Rift. 

Cape Jule, so lovely.

Exploring the wilderness.

I love the sky in Rift, always so gorgeous. 

Ceiling in a new dimension I bought. A tower, it is simply stunning.  (temple of the abandoned- dimension)

Upstairs to tower.

View looking out of the tower door.

I could sit here all day :)


Side view. Now the fun in decorating it.... It already looks so good what could I even add, lol. 

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