Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Short & Lazy Post

I'm too tired to play.... (Salem) He has to be on my desk when I play, I hope this phase doesn't last too long, lol.

Last night I was exhausted and the most relaxing way to spend my gaming time was in my EQ2 house and just decorating. Which is pretty fun, relaxing and still I get to play, doing something 'trivial'. Maybe one day I'll add my house to the list and have people come visit it and vote, once I finally get it decorated how I want it. I've switched houses a lot but I think this time I am going to decorate many different ones with different themes. You are able to have many houses in EQ2,  so I think my next project is going to be a creepy haunted type house. 

On Thursday the next city festival hits EQ2 which means I also want to grab a few more items for the house project and maybe save up for the next few house projects. We'll see how it goes, sometimes it is slow going, but great for a session where you just want to relax and zone out. Between this, Tinkerfest and Chrono dungeons, I've had plenty to do. I still need to head back out to the Withered Lands. Oh! I also hit 91, sometime last week. Yay!

I keep wanting to spend more time in Rift but then I remember what a snore fest Storm Legion is. Today I'll do a little more with the festival and try to get some fluffy items. I think another thing that is bothering me would be how I heard that housing was getting some love, (did a dance for joy) something else to utilize the dimension aspect with. Turns out it is aimed at PvP, make your own arena (shakes fist with rage). Which was like.... Blah. I don't care about PvP in Rift. I occasionally do PvP, when I flag myself by accident, end up killing several people thinking they were NPC's... Oops. Sorry guys. But yeah, I hate when games mesh housing and PvP, they just don't get it. 

I also have my time going to a sick little kitty who was an inch away from death due to starvation and dehydration. I've taken her in and we're nursing her back to health. She's doing very well. I don't need another cat but she is a little princess who needs someone to take care of her. She doesn't leave my sons room very often, she's attached herself to him, which means she is very easy compared to my other two. I just couldn't let her die, breaks my heart to see this, she is just one of those cats who can't function and hunt when thrown outside. My cat, Salem, was in bad shape when we found him, but he's now a spoiled fat cat, massive, that picture  up top doesn't do him justice!

I also read this neat little tidbit earlier, the Macabre Marionette pet is going to be a permanent pet this year in WoW! That is awesome. I've always wanted to be able to keep it!  I managed to get the hydra from the weekly quest (mojo turn in) also, but I got into a heroic scenario before I had a chance to even look at it or take a screenshot! I wanted to grab one this week because it will be implemented as a rare drop when 5.4 hits.  Anyhow that's it for today!

As you can see she was wasting away. We're working hard to put weight on this little girl! 

Hey..... I know you. Are you the Hamburgular? Since when does Freeport have a McDonald's? Shopping for a dps merc, he's actually quite decent. Plus I can dress him up, give him some style pointers. 

EQ2 makes it easy to check out houses before you make a purchase. I already have too many but it is nice to look!

Firiona Vie, I want her hair option >.>

Another flying pic, one can never take too many of these!

Messing around doing a chrono quest.


  1. My cat likes to lie down on my desk like yours does also. I keep putting him back on the floor, and then he jumps in my lap, then climbs into the window next to the desk, then back onto the desk. . . . .

    And seeing your pic reminded me of a lolcats thing from a few years ago: "Something crashed on the computer." The pic was of a kitten lying on its back on a laptop keyboard, so seeing your keyboard below your cat (even if he's not actually on it) put me in mind of that.

  2. Oh man, your poor cat, I hope she gets better.

  3. @Magson- I can't keep him off it, lol. Jumps right back up, he's now learned what 'lay down' means. He jumps up and lays down flat because I keep trying to move his head out of the way, so I can see. Sometimes it gets annoying, when I am trying to heal, he likes to smack the characters on the screen, ha! We're trying to save them, bud, not kill them. *Smack, Smack*

    @Jay- Thank you! She is perking up a lot, mostly just likes to lay in bed all day, eat and drink. I worry she might have been traumatized because she is very, very quiet but I think she is still just needing a lot of time to heal. Every day she ventures out a little more then goes back to the bed.




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