Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dungeon Maker (EQ2)

This week I've been working on finishing up my house in EQ2, I've still got two rooms left to finish. However, I did manage to complete my first player made dungeon! Since they were released I've wanted to make my own dungeon, I just never seemed to get around to it.

The tools are very easy to use, you also get some items to place about the dungeon but I went and sunk a small fortune of plat into mine, just to get the look I wanted. I also picked up some different monsters to throw into it. This is a wonderful tool for those who like to play dungeon master, there are even a few extras in the cash shop. I only grabbed the text for the screen addition but I do want to pick up the storytelling tool also-Which allows you to make a storytelling NPC that isn't combat oriented.

You can also run your own dungeon, I wasn't sure if you could. I'm pretty sure when the dungeon maker went live you could not, so that was a nice surprise. I wanted to run through it and make sure it was decent, which I think it was. Great aspect for endless content, sharing it and playing with friends would be a lot of fun too!

One of the cons is that the fast/easy/massive token runs with the entrance and exit next to each other get rated highest, which is a bit crummy. I've tried a few in the past and it isn't fun, then again I've never been on a mad rush to collect the tokens so maybe that would cause me to have a different outlook. But I do hate seeing some really fantastic dungeons have 0 likes and these 'throw' fifty mobs in one room for mass tokens' dungeons have quite a lot. But, what can you do?

I wanted my dungeon to have some humor, a variety of mobs, and a feeling of change around each corner, a real fun place to explore. I also did not want it to take ages to run. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I even managed to complete the daily objective in there, which wasn't my intent when creating it!

Below are some pics of it, if you do play EQ2 and want to check it out I'm on Crushbone, the instance is called Stellar. I've never been great with names, and I tend to use Stellar for a lot of things... So, it ended up as that, lol. I'd love to make another with a different theme, one more uniform, but I'll probably wait a bit as it takes a lot of time and effort! Enjoy the pics :)

The final act, last boss.

Exit 'treasure room'.

Did I step into the shard of love?

Weirdos lurking in the corner... Hey, get a room you two!

Tomb raiders.

Frozen hallway.

Realm of the giants, everything is scaled up to make the player feel smaller. I left the room very much as it was, I wanted some of the original dungeon's beauty to show. 

Dead guys walking around, thought it would be funny to give them names from 'The Walking Dead.

Candy corner!

Clockwork station.

One of my favorite rooms, the Dr's office, ha!

Lots of creepy stuff going on in here!

Entrance. Which is mostly the same, I did add a lot of fish to the water which added up to a lot of plat! But it was aworth it, I had a lot of fun!


  1. That's really cool. For some reason I had no idea this was implanted in EQ2, it sounds a lot like what SWG had with it's story creator back in the day.

  2. Came out in one of the last few xpacs, pretty fun to play around with. You can run your own dungeons now, which is pretty awesome. I do wish they came full of more items, I spent a lot of adding things but I did make a mish-mosh of themes in one dungeon, lol.




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