Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Tracker!

Wearing my 'lucky tamer bunny ears', see they work! Get back over here so I can tame you!

Gaming time has been cut short lately. I decided we need more exercise, over the weekend we went out to look at skates and since then we've been rollerblading in the evenings- which has had me wiped out. I am a huge klutz, it has taken a massive amount of practice to learn to stay upright, lol. I've not fallen (knock on wood) but it is hard to totter around like a (towering 6ft) five year old on skates, hard on ones dignity! I picked up roller-skates and blades, the blades have been much better, except I'm using my son's old pair as they are an expensive pair with ankle support, good for an old spaghetti noodle like me. Good thing we wear the same size.

I've never been good on skates but I decided I wanted us to do something different that gets us out of the house. My son is a pro, so he's been holding his poor mom's hand and teaching her! It has been fun but leaves me quite tired. It is much easier to learn when you're a kid, and that was probably the last time I tried to skate! Now at 35 it is tiring but I love getting out and getting exercise, plus my son has been so excited, he has been asking me to skate for the past year. Practice makes perfect, right? I make them get out every evening and skate, sometimes Dire slacks and skips an evening, but my son has asked if for his birthday I'll go to the skating rink with him and skate. So I need a LOT of practice! I'm going to plan a party there too, as it is his favorite hobby.

Anyhow, that's the biggest reason for lack of posts, in the evenings I log into WoW a little, do some daily quests then crash. I logged into Vanguard over the weekend and got 16 on my cleric there, and a really cool item from a lock box, but more on that in another VG post as I plan on playing more now that I'm 90 in WoW. I just need more time and energy!

Last night I was doing my fishing dailies for the anglers and noticed some tracks. Oh! Rare hunter taming tracks! I followed them around and lost them, backtracked, decided to look up what the mob was. Found the tracks leading forward, found where the creature was, all the while Dire laughing at how bad of a tracker I was... *sniff*. Eventually I tamed him, a large turtle, with a black shell and red skin. I wasn't really after a turtle but why not tame him? I was happy when I finally got him tamed.

Some things to note- Ice trap did not always stick, damage did not cause him to aggro me and thinking back I figured I should have used hunter's mark. If you are after these pets that needs to be the first thing you cast on them! That is the best advice I can give, because as soon as they are out of the flare, well, they just invis again. Also, taming, get on top of them and start it, they will keep walking, they don't attack so you really want to make sure you get close enough to tame as they walk away! I found icetrap doesn't always stick, I think due to them moving out of the flare it sort of conflicts if not stepped upon at just the right time.

I decided I wanted to see what other rare beasts I could track and tame. I ended up with four all together! Luckily they were up and after reading up on WoW Head, I only had to sit and camp one- Glimmer. I camped him about 15 minutes and he showed up. The rest I flew around until I found tracks. Another one to note would be Hexapos, his tracks are backwards. You don't follow the direction they are going but the opposite direction! The rest were uneventful really, well as far as surprises go.

It was pretty neat tracking these pets, hoping someone else didn't tame them when I was looking, following the tracks, knowing I was sooo close but not knowing exactly where they were (they turn a lot, lol)! I liked it better than in the past where the rare hunter pets would be up (those that had no rare drops) but others could still kill them, causing hunters to wail in despair, as the time spent camping these pets skyrocketed. I spent a lot of time taming many of my pets, this was a nice change, time consuming but not nearly as bad. I read most of these are only around two hours for respawn.

Fun stuff! They are all 90. The water-striders are quite awesome as I use them for fishing all time time! If you don't find these guys after about twenty minutes, I say come back another time. They are probably not as hunted as they were at the start of the expansion, I didn't see any other hunters, maybe I was just lucky. Good luck if you are looking for them, I still have a few more to tame, though my stable is full and I don't know who to release.... We really need more stable slots!! Pics below.

Because of phasing in the Jade forest, this spot on the map is the best place to 'camp' Glimmer, as this is where he crosses over the water. The pic below shows where I was standing, I just set the flare below, traps don't always seem to work. (triangle on the map!) And... tracks are harder to see here, make sure to turn your ground clutter all the way down if you're not in a static camp spot. 

Glimmer! He is a neat looking strider. 

Bloodtooth, a dark colored turtle. Not as flashy as the one I tamed in Cataclysm but he's cool, very sleek and mean looking!

Hexapos, he's a tall one. At first I wasn't a fan of these guys but they're so soft and sparkly looking! Plus, it is cool to have a big pet sometimes! Great for the ability to walk on water, perfect pet for an angler!

Portent. This one comes in many colors, I like this scheme, he's pretty dark and impressive looking. This one randomly spawns in one of four colors. Pretty easy to track, you can see the tracks easily enough, note there is one in the pic. 


  1. I've heard that with skating it takes one a couple of falls before they lose the fear of falling. I haven't roller bladed in ages but when I did I tried so hard not to fall and it does affect the way you skate.

    Had a friend send me a scroll of resurrection the other day and now that Mists is on sale for another week I guess there's no time as the present to jump back into WoW. We'll see, last time I played which I believe was over a year ago I didn't stick with the game for too long. I think that was TOR's fault, now I just haven't been much into MMO's. Curse you and your awesome blog that shows hunters because I forgot how much fun that looked!!!!

    1. Yes, the hubby keeps telling me to stop being scared of falling. I am so horrible and slow, while they wiz around me doing spins and such... le sigh, lol. I have poor balance, I fall going up the stairs >.< I just hope practice helps me get better eventually.

      Aw, hehe. Yeah I saw that sale, really good deal to pick up the game and get back in. When MoP first came out I floundered around on too many characters, they all looked so fun. I'm glad I went back to the hunter though, I really love it. Since being back there just feels like there is so much to do, I never have enough time. That's a good thing though! Being 90 offers a lot of fun things to do, if you get there you'll probably enjoy it a lot.

    2. Being 90... that looks like GO... Maybe it's the font.




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