Sunday, February 10, 2013

90- Late To The Party

Mmm.. Chicken.

Over the weekend I finally hit 90 in WoW. I still have a couple characters sitting at 88 and another at 85 but I think I will focus on my hunter for now and experience everything I've been working towards- Which is a lot. There are so many daily quests with so many factions! I do not have time to do them all but I make sure to do my favorites like The Tillers, I want to get my farm decked out! 

Speaking of farming, it is kind of neat. I like checking in on it, growing stuff, selling it. It doesn't really feel like housing at all to me, some people compare it. IMO, after playing some of the better housing out there, well, it cannot compare, but it is still quite nifty in it's own. I mean, who doesn't want their own farm if given the chance to have one? Plus, next patch we'll be able to own it, no buying it either, freeeeee! Well, once you max everything out, which I am still working on.

But yeah, so much to do now in this expansion. I thought things would slow down once I hit 90, nope, so much to do. The other expansions always had stuff to do but it really feels like MoP just expanded things. There are some fun factions to work on, way too many daily quests- not a bad thing and you never run out of things to do, right? Pet battles, fishing ($$$), trade skills in general, old instances and achievements, raids, five man instances, scenarios, rares to hunt... I really feel like there is always something to do, which is good! 

I have read the complaints about 'too much' to do, speaking of daily quests and factions in particular, but for me I just pace myself. I'm here for fun not to stress over maxing everything out asap. I mean I'd love to but I don't rush myself to burnout. I'll get there eventually, as I did with 90, heh. I'm always the last one to join in on the party. I like to call it fashionably late ;) 

I've done a couple of instances and a scenario, over the past few days. Had some decent people in the instances, the scenario was rather quiet and I was lost as hell, at first, but I picked up on what to do. Then there is the Valentine instance to do every day, hope to get the rocket mount this year!

For now, tons of things to do, enjoying that. I doubt I'll really raid, I can't sit still long enough to want to, but the odd instance or scenario here and there should be fun. On top of all this, even more in the next patch, more daily quests with a new area. It does feel like Blizzard is keeping the pace at a decent rate, but maybe I've been gone for too long? 

Quit buggin' me, we're almost there... 

Any relation to Jiminy Cricket?

King Varian makes it to Pandaria. 

Caring for baby.

This little guy is the last of his kind, son of Deathwing. 



    1. Hehe, been there... didn't do that. The whole resisting thing doesn't work so well for me =p

  2. Hey Kaozz, I wouldn't be too worried about being late to the party, I'm still like 87 or something and probably won't hit 90 for some time. Currently I'm working on testing the new League system in League of Legends, comparing it to what they used to use which was the ELO rating system. So You're not the only one "fashionably late"

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one catching up! I remember when DA2 came out, I took ages to get to it, by then it was old news but I still had to post about it here, lol. I suppose all that matters is that it's fun, even if that means getting there after everyone else!




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