Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poking Around

Guild rep maxed, yay!

I haven't really been playing MoP as much as I thought I would, just not feeling so hot with some dental complications, which led to dry socket, lots of pain, lots of meds. I'm starting to get better but I have, yet another (the 5th dentist appointment in two weeks, ugh!), appointment tomorrow, which cuts into my free time. Sometimes I just mess around with Happy Street or another game on my phone instead. Hopefully next week I won't feel so blah! Thus the blog has been a bit neglected and I have had to really push myself on my last few posts.

Enough about me and my woes. I have been mainly playing the Druid through MoP, she has made it to the Valley of The Four Winds, which is a really a lovely zone, I am enjoying this one a lot. I'm also gathering a lot of materials on her and making decent money, she gathers just for profit which is nice, especially when I find golden lotus! Sometimes the balance rotation can be a bit of a snooze fest, I do still enjoy the spec. It is a refreshing change from leveling as feral with the last expansion. Plus, I managed to cap my guild rep with my druid, which finally unlocked the mounts and pets, awesome stuff!!

My son may start up a monk soon, I think he will enjoy the class and the pet battles too, probably tomorrow. He isn't too keen on leveling his 85 shaman for some reason. I suppose he just lost interest in the class. This expansion has been great but at times I find myself pushing through quests, I suppose after playing GW2 it is a bit different and I tire of staying in one place for too long. I do have to say I think the expansioni s really great, I can't complain about much at all this far into it.

Speaking of, I haven't logged into GW2, plan on it this weekend, maybe work on my necro a bit, I've been wanting to play her a little bit lately. I think Dire has caught his alt up with his main, he really loves the warrior. The nice thing is that GW2 isn't going anywhere and my chars will always be there ready to play, without any penalties. Unlike when I log back into EQ2, as a free player, most of my armor pops off into my bags because I cannot wear it unless I pay to unlock or subscribe, sigh. I might have stayed logged in longer if it didn't...

Uber loot (shirt and mount), fun stuff from FR TCG.

I poked into some very, very neglected games this week. Free Realms and EQ2. In Free Realms I am a lifetime member and it is nice to check out what is going on at least once a month. There is a new area with lots of new content, Sunstone Valley, it looks interesting. I will get around to it sooner or later. I picked up my (free) members decks in the TCG and found some really cool loot, a neat green plaid shirt and a snow-blower mount, pretty cute stuff.

We have pandas in -EQ2- too!

EQ2, this is just one game I always miss. It is not much like the first EQ but it still has the pull due to the lore and all that ties them together. There is a lot to do in this game, mercs now for when you just want to solo some tougher stuff, crafting if you want to just do something different, cool housing (I just love housing) and a lot of cool features- like player made dungeons. I got sidetracked with GW2 and leveling another alt in WoW but I have been missing it again. Maybe I'll pick up a sub soon, I eventually want to get back to the cap, two levels to go. I popped on for a bit tonight and grabbed my Facebook rewards mount, which is a very cool cat ride. I still need to claim the other ones on different accounts across EQ and EQ2. There was also the free goblin ticket to grab, nothing good out of that but it is still fun to try and it is free.

Facebook rewards mount /claim this item. 

That is about it for me. Hope everyone is enjoying whatever it is they are playing. Lots of good games out there, seems like there is much more to do these days, fresh content, ideas and holiday events!

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