Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I'm still chugging along on the way to 90 with MoP, it has been going slow, just a lot going on lately. I lost my authenticator as well, I had to detach it and add one to the phone, which makes using the mobile armory much easier. I absolutely love the mobile armory, it is so smooth and polished. I can check the AH and sell on it if need be, which is really handy. I just wish it had some neat games to win stuff like the one Rift has, that is too cool. Do it, Blizz!

My son started playing WoW again and he's been trying to decide what to play. While I've mostly been working on my druid, he did ask if I wanted to make a monk alt with him. I figure we'd have fun with those, we have a lot of fun playing together with whatever we end up playing. Little monk is almost ten and at that point I will decide if I truly like the class. At the moment is feels a bit underwhelming. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the class, the race is adorable though. I do want a panda alt to play around with! If I like her I'll probably grab the rest of the leather heirloom armor off the guild vendor, since I can't mail it to her while she is still in the starting area, meh.

I have heard a lot of good things about Rift lately, the housing looks amazing. I decided to actually try out the free part of the game with an alt who is still under 20. I wanted to check out some things like instant adventures. Which were great, they did a fabulous job with those, but there was never anyone around. I played the game for a couple of days and I think I only saw two people the whole time. It felt very lonely and the instant adventures ended up feeling like regular quests after a bit. Closing rifts was slow too, alone, so I decided against subscribing again. I was close to resubbing but it just felt very lackluster compared to my memories of being around tons of people through the levels when an event was happening.

Rift does have a cool app that I loved playing around on. The loot on the scratch off cards isn't anything spectacular but it was a lot of fun to look forward to scratching new cards and then logging in to find my mailbox full of items! The app is a bit clunky but the coolness of the 'minigames' makes up for it. I really have to hand it to them for making a unique aspect to the mobile client. It is a good solid game, just beautiful, maybe once the expansion hits I'll try again?

Some of my friends in Second Life were playing around with a new toy which someone was passing out, a pair of glasses that make you sync dance to 'Gangnam Style'. So I had to log in to get me a pair and play around too. Was a good time, someone even took a short video clip. I've been meaning to start creating Halloween items for my shop, I started on one last night, a broom, heh ( pictured, bottom). This week I plan on working on more for my shop. We'll see how much I get done.

I also have been busy trying to get situated back into the guide program with EverQuest. I look forward to doing more there. It is a very rewarding process, and they are always looking for more guides across EQ, EQ2 and Vanguard. I prefer EQ at the moment because I've played it for so long, I think I can utilize my knowledge best within that game.

That's it for me today. Have a great week ;)


  1. Great SL pics! I was asked to come on short Notice so I couldnt change out of the bikini! Ughh lol..

    1. Ty! Hehe, ah well all that matters is that you were there, having fun!! <3

  2. That first shot is a great portrait of your panda! She looks so happy!

    1. Thank you! I just love that race, they are so adorable!




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