Monday, October 29, 2012

Eye Candy

Panda ghosties!

I can has pets?

Trick or treat! Gimme candy... or my pet might lop your head off... 

Running around in some old content, decided to run MC for fun over the weekend, had to get mah key.

Soaking up the scenery, ha! I get off course sometimes... 

Running some old BC content, with Dire. He's in there somewhere.

On our big, mean horde mounts!
How did the Prince of Stormwind get here?! *Eyes Riko and his gang* Nice to see the stories overlap- H vs A.

If you've had a laugh at the 'socks' storyline, on the Alliance, you'll love Riko's story- on the Horde. I laughed so hard. Both quests (Horde and Alliance) equally entertaining. Riko is a trip.

Just a fly on the wall, a funny Halloween gift from a shop in SL. 

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