Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home (SL)

If there is one thing I enjoy in a game it's player housing. I love creating and designing, it's relaxing and fun for me. I decided to go with housing in Second Life again, which is different than in most games I play.

This piece of land I have is one I'm able to terraform, I can create a pond, hills, flat land and so on. I really enjoy having these options. I decided to create a pond with an island, which was a lot of fun. The land isn't huge but it is larger than my last plot, I rent it from a group which own a few other sims too. Nice people and a nice community there.

In SL you do have a prim limit on items, which is similar to an object limit except items are made up of prims, so you have to keep tabs on how many prims you are putting down. I try to use a lot of low prim items while still keeping a good look about the place. To save on some prims I made my own stone fence around my land, which turned out quite beautifully. I'll have to get some more pictures of it.

It is still a work in progress but I really am happy how it turned out thus far. I found a lovely house which has a quaint charming look that I was going for. I just adore this place, more pics when I get things finished up. Enjoy the pics!

Before- In the process of making my pond and island while filling in the rest of the land.

My island, from the back.

The house (me on a silly mount on the right).

The parlor.



Hangin' out with kitty (my friend's cat AV which looks just like my kitty IRL). Not my land, a friend's island.

On the pond.

Dragon pet and I- Beside the fence I made.

Out and about with the pets (wearing my fairy avatar).

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