Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eye Candy

Me and me... Same character male and female version. Wanted to see if I could make a pretty male version, I think he's pretty damn pretty, heh.

New mount, rawr!

Bustin' some moves.

Makes me think of Raistlin. Up in a tower, nose buried in a spellbook, heh. 


Ruins at night.


Into the sunset.

You want me to go in there? It's... Alive.

Feed the pretty bird... or I'll shift into bear form and rip your face off.

My own personal servant... This one even shoos people out of my way and speaks in chat about how wonderful I am, hehe. Coolest pet ever. 

My bard and monk, thinking of two boxing. I'm so lazy though. 

My NPC 'buds'.... I need really more friends with a pulse instead of coding and pixels. 

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