Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dancing To My Own Tune

Latest addition to my pet collection Voodoo Figurine, archaeology pet. 

It appears that today the EverQuest update for the AA changes has hit the live servers. No official word on it and I haven't logged in yet but I'm pretty excited about this. The AA xp has been modified to around 1,000% and caps at 4,000 AA (thus decays closer to this cap). Dire has his account active with station access and I've been considering playing around with my little Druid, which is on one of my my silver accounts. I've sorta been feeling like playing her up a bit lately. So, I'll have to see about getting us together to work on a duo when he has some more free time. He seems pretty excited about it, I admit I am too.

The Druid is a real fun class, one I've always loved playing, would be nice to re-visit it. Plus, I want to see how the AA boost works on a character on the low end of the spectrum. He wants me to make a new one on my RAF account since the linked xp boost is nice amazing... but we'll have to see. Still pondering that, lol.  My Druid is from the 51/50 Mayong server (may it R.I.P.), so it isn't a huge loss, she is only 57. Basically I got her when the server was live and you started at 50 with 51 AA points. Now that spells are all in PoK, for the low levels, I shouldn't have to run around a billion places for them.

Plus, as always, every few months I feel a huge rush of nostalgia. This often happens with WoW and EQ. My two biggest loves in my early MMO career. Nice that EQ is F2P, I can pop in and see what I feel like playing. I usually drift off to spend time in other games but as you can see I always feel the pull back to these two.

In WoW I've been having a great time just doing my own thing. I am still working on the holiday event, gathering up monies, doing the daily boss, quick and easy for a few JP (unless you run into a clueless group, how do they all die on Ahune? Hunter the last one standing? <3 feign death). I'm getting some really cool stuff with archaeology which also causes me to do a bit of mining, and speaking of, I've also been trying to catch up on my engineering. So, I have a nice fun to do list, getting ready for MoP, which I'm pretty excited about, lots of fun things that I am looking forward to.

That's what keeps me playing my games, all the little things- Not the groups or the raiding for gear, been there done that for years and I burnt out a long time ago. Chit-chatting with my remaining friends and my guild when I can still keeps me social. You can still have friends and fun even if you 'dance to your own tune', that's what I've learned over the past twelve years of playing MMORPGs. I'm enjoying myself more than I have in awhile, when it comes to WoW. If you can keep this in perspective, then you can really enjoy things much more. Instead of feeling like you're doing a chore, do what you feel is fun. Scared of letting people down? Maybe it's time to think about why you even play. When I look back over the years it isn't the epics or 'phat lewts' that make those memories so special, it was the friends and the fun quests, might have been a quest of our own to cross the Dreadlands as a team or simply running a raid of newbie guildies through the Deadmines (Ha, a Deadmines raid, so looooong ago!). No matter the game, it is the quality of time spent, not what my gear score or ilvl was. So, yeah, That's what keeps me going.

In Second Life I've revamped my land. I really enjoy decorating and designing in any game and SL really has some great options for this, especially since I can terraform my land. I figured if I have land I might as well make it a place I really, really enjoy hanging out at. I had a lot of fun decorating it and absolutely adore it. It is a great place to hang out and invite friends or just sit in peace and quiet. I wanted to share some pictures in this post too. I have a tower on a small island and a couple of copses of trees as well as a hollow tree trunk with a pool in it. So cozy! There is a room, way up at the top of the tower, to chill out in, love it.

I haven't really logged into Vanguard for a few days. I haven't lost interest but I did get on a tough quest- which is far, far out in the middle of nowhere and I just needed a break. I figure I'll pick back up on it perhaps later on this week. I still really enjoy the game but sometime I have issues with it. Like the fact that if I explore and stick my nose into the wrong place I can eat a massive XP loss, like the time I lost half a level over the span of a day. Or the fact that I can really only see what I want as my Disciple, simply because I can heal through so much. I don't have many friends and I keep trying to join guilds only to find nobody logs in anymore, on my fourth one now. But that topic is for another day. I still really enjoy the game but I sometimes need a little break when things get rough.

That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a great week, safe adventures!

My tower on the isle.

Inside my tower, way up top!

Cozy campfire in a copse of trees.

In the process of decorating the land, with some friends hanging out.

A few friends popping in after I finished up. Seems someone got a hug in this shot, lol.

Fancy a swing?

Some creatures placed around the isle.

Tower from the distance.

Close up.

Placed some deer by my campfire, added more grass. The marshmallows and coffeepot hand out goodies when clicked on.

Hollow tree stump from the outside.

Inside the hollow tree.

From the side.

Entrance (where my freebie items are).

Entrance from outside.

Back of property.

Lovely tree swing.


  1. I like the amanita muscaria mushrooms in that tree. While they might not be my magical psilocybin buddy, it's magical nonetheless. Awfully delirious though.

  2. I still raid occasionally, but I'm blessed with a buddy that runs a guild. If he's missing one for a raid, he'll call me up and I log on. I stopped caring about loot awhile ago. I like getting stuff, but I hate drama, so better to pass then roll.

    I tried eq2 a couple of times, but never played it for long. Might give it a go one of these days.

    1. What game do you raid in, WoW? I sometimes miss raiding with good friends, those days are long gone though :(

      EQ2, I wasn't a fan of some of the mechanics in the high end content. For me it wasn't fun, thus it kind of drove me away from the game. You might like it though, I guess I'm kind of picky and old school, lol.

    2. Yeah, just wow atm. I'm pretty sure raiding is over till MoP though, so now I'm just a mmo tourist.

    3. Yeah, I'm not interested in any type of progression this late in the expansion. I wasn't a big fan of this one anyhow, hopefully MoP is a bit more interesting.




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