Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stay awhile and listen.... Diablo III

So, we finally got around to getting into Diablo 3. I have to say it is a pretty solid game. There are a lot of really good things about it. It's easy to jump in with friends and you can complete quest again, those which you've already finished (as many times as you like). Flags in town (when grouped) will port you directly to your friend, very handy. Town portal is now a spell which you can use at your leisure. "Your bags full? Think it's time to sell yet?', "Yeah my bags are full, I think it's a good time to sell. " *cast town portal*....*cast town portal*

The game still has a dark, gritty feel to it. I like the graphics, the style, the characters and the armor. Many people complained about the females, such as the DH but I find they [DH] remind me a bit of Sylvanas  Windrunner from WoW, edgy and dark. The music is true to the Diablo series too. There are new additions to fun things like the fact you can dye your armor, in Act 2. And professions, check out the link I just threw up, they are very interesting and engaging. You can make some really great stuff!

The skill system is very interesting and flexible, especially when you add runes to your skills. What's a rune? You gain these each level and tack them onto an existing ability. There are also racial abilities you start gaining at level ten, I like that.

It feels weird playing Diablo 3 online all the time, sort of. Personally, I like online games, I suppose I like knowing other people are out there, that it is a living, breathing world even when I log off. I'm really enjoying the always online deal. I've been so happy to chit-chat with friends and jump into games with my family. Tonight I might surprise a few friends and jump in and say hi, lol.

My brother is playing, my son, Dire and I. So we've been teaming up and sharing armor and drops. My brother has been making us all gear, I've been giving him a lot of blues to break down to help out. He's really excited about things like that and it has been so long since we've all played a game together I don't mind holding off on a prof to help him. We all played the previous Diablo games together over the years but I was surprised when he sent me a text asking if we were playing, he's over the moon with the game. My son is pretty smitten too. Me? I like it a lot, it is something I can see myself playing for a long time, especially since there is no subscription fee.

What's so great about another Diablo game? Sometimes it is nice to just hack and slash stuff. Sometimes it is nice to team up with a few people and not worry about the holy trinity to get going. It's nice not to worry about meters and just kill things. Diablo has a lot of neat stats like bonuses to gold, xp and magical item drops. There is room for how you want to play and not have someone tell you how you're 'doin' it wrong'. It's simple, fun and easy to get in and out of. It is easy to hook up with friends. I love that. plus you can always grab an NPC, go solo whatever you want. You don't have to play with anyone. Hell, you can even pause the game in single player. I can't recall ever being able to pause an online game. D3 is a different sort of creature, that is for sure.

I've been working on a Demon Hunter. I'm sure I'll play all the other classes but for now I'm working on her as my main. Dire finally got in last night for the first time, he's a Barbarian. The first night his computer took hours to do a scan and needed video driver updates, then the next our ISP had an outage, fun stuff! My Brother is a Barbarian also and my son is currently working on his third or so character but seems smitten with the Sorceress. I have to admit, both of those classes look so appealing, they all do. So, there is a lot of room for replay-ability with all the fun classes, IMO.

We haven't had a ton of problems with downtime but we've not always been playing at peak time. Yesterday evening we got kicked and a few times here and there but it really hasn't been too horrible for us. My brother was in the queue yesterday but he said it was only 27 or so and Dire plays so late at night that it isn't a problem at all.

Some tips before I go. Z zooms in on your screen, good for screenshots. The num pad will activate voice triggers for your character. Right click in the character screen before logging in to design your personal flag, left to look at your character more in-depth (stats, achievements, spin character around and so on). Print screen does take pics, in Win7 they are in the documents folder, took me a few to find them.

Oh, and we got to rescue Dekard Cain. I still haven't had him ask me to 'Stay awhile and listen'. Overall I'm pretty happy with how D3 turned out, a very solid game that is flexible and accessible. That's it for today. Hope everyone is having a blast in D3, feel free to add me if you like- Sablesix#1207.


  1. Oh darn armor dyes!!
    Once I'm less busy I'll probably get the game. Played D1 and D2 A LOT. I still remember back so many years ago when I played the D1 demo with my sister and we all screamed with the Butcher's "fresh meat!!" charge that killed our little warrior. Fun times :)

  2. Haha, that's funny about the Butcher! Yeah, I was surprised about the dyes too, I like having the option, need it in more games XD It's really good and the whole no sub thing makes me feel less pressured to log in.




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