Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Back Into Sync

It always happens when I move, getting back into a routine, getting back into my games after playing so little. I've been busy with stuff IRL, haven't been playing as much this week. In the evenings I just want to relax with something low key, I sometimes log in to Second Life lately. It's relaxing and mostly I keep to myself or just hang out with some friends, or play dress up, ha.

In WoW my son managed to hit 85 over the weekend (GRATZ!) with his shaman and we've been doing some instances, which has been fun for him. I've been playing my Hunter with him in those because it's just more enjoyable for me to run instances with her than the druid, for now at least. I have also ran a few with Dire. Lately we've been doing some old content for achievements and transmog gear. Which is always fun. I need to log in more to play with my son though, he wants to get some better gear and it is always more fun to queue with someone.

We've downloaded D3 and I've been waiting on Dire, when he gets off work tonight, to really play. I figure we can get on the same footing and play through together. I might log in after supper to make a few characters and see what I want to play. I still don't know even though I tried it in beta. More thoughts on that tomorrow.

The to do list is growing... So much I want to do, just so little time lately! The NBI seems like a great success, I'm going to have to go through it again and pick up where I left off, also re-visit some of those blogs I poked over at. I just haven't had the time. I have been keeping up with my feed, lots of great posts lately, I really need to sit down and write some comments!  If only I were Wonder Woman =p

That's it for today, more on D3 in my next post!

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