Thursday, May 24, 2012

Second Life And Destinations

A few days ago Killington asked for some good locations in Second Life. I've been a little under the weather the last couple of days but I still wanted to get this out there. It can be a bit daunting to start in SL and have no idea where to go. I had no idea about what was what, when I started. There are tons of sims to visit but knowing how to access them can be a bit confusing. My avatar was ugly, I didn't know where to find any good places and I was feeling a bit meh. That was over a year ago and I've made my way to better looking places with a better looking avatar (it never looks the same these days)!

There is a search function within the game, even if you use another viewer- other than the one from Linden Labs. I mainly use Firestorm, it seems to run smoother and really well, especially lately. Other than that there is the destination guide, that is a wonderful tool for travel and exploration. You can keep tabs on what events are up and running as well.

The destination guide offers all kinds of choices to look through. There are clubs, role playing sims, castles, games, events, and the list goes on. You really can spend a lot of time in some of these sims just exploring around. I really like to check out the events, some have treasure type hunts, zombie killing sprees, fairs, pet conventions, fashion conventions. Tons of stuff! So, if you're wondering where some good places to check out can be found, the destination guide is your best bet to finding something that might interest you! I'm always on the look out for freebies and fun things, this can be a great tool for that. Simply click on the location in the browser [travel now] and it will pop up a window in game to travel to the chosen destination!

Now that you have how to travel under your belt, I'll share a few locations I really like, ones that are newer to me. The location pictured at the top was one that closed in March of this year, it was so gorgeous. I will always treasure those pictures, it was so beautiful there and it had so much fun stuff! Locations (can) come and go as they are designed and rented/payed for by players.

Wonderlands A gorgeous sim to explore around and get lost in the loveliness!

Pandoria Lots of different places to port around to, underwater, space, travel among the stars. Gorgeous sim to explore and great for taking pictures.

Dogone Zombie Combat (You will need to use/wear the free hud given in this sim to participate in this hunt)

Tunaverse (This one has specific showtimes, amazing sim and a great place to meet some cool players) When not a crazy, gorgeous colorful, dance floor this place is a shop for some wonderful, wacky clothing! TP to the store and join the group for more info on showtimes.

LEA11 Region I don't recall the exact name for this one but I found it while exploring the Wonderlands. It has lots of treasure to find! Go underwater, in the castles, shops, collect pirate booty, and perhaps find some voodoo charms. Excellent place for those who love to explore!

Linden Realms This sim is actually made by Linden Labs. It is a fun place to gain $L within the game. It does take awhile but you can either do the quests here or just run around grabbing shards for monies! Keep away from the monsters, while you can't attack you can 'die', you just respawn at a spawner within the zone. Okay maybe you can't die either, lol. I had a lot of fun with this place when I first found it. At the end you'll cash out and see if you have enough shards to convert into $L. A great map can be found here with wiki help.

Just browsing through the Destination Guide looking for sims I've previously visited and I've found many more that I just have to go see. Tons of great sims! These are all created by players, except the Linden Realms. Lovely use of imagination in many of these wonderful places within SL. That's the beauty of Second Life, that and it is quite a gorgeous game because of it's amazing community!

Second Life Freebies?
On a side note if you're looking for the best places to get things for your avatar, iheartsl is a great feed on sales, new releases and lots of group gifts. I also like the blog: Virtual Vagabond. Always cool freebies there too! You can check the Xstreet SL page for lots of things and also a fantastic feed @ scoop it. 


  1. Thanks for posting all of these locations. I will be checking them all out tomorrow evening after I get home from work! :)

  2. My pleasure! I hope you enjoy them, maybe we'll get to hear about them in one of your future posts if all goes well :)




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