Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily Grind... This & That

As the week wraps up I'm level 19 in Diablo III. While some are finishing up the game I'm still chugging along. It's a great game but I play it on the side so I'm moving at a much slower pace. Grouped a bit last night but I probably won't play again until the weekend, unless my son asks. On the Diablo subject- Pando's Lighter Side of WoW blog has a really cool post up here. It has to do with rainbows,flowers, and... unicorns, lol. Thought I'd share that interesting post.

If you play Vanguard you might have noticed that the June loyalty reward quest is out but broken. I think it slipped out with the update. It isn't suppose to be out, but hey, we're getting free materials to build a house when it really is out next month! I had hoped for a flying mount but you never know what is in store ahead. Maybe the level 20 quest one will be added before the summer is over. So, I'll be hunting for a plot to buy this weekend. I want to go ahead and get a good one before everyone rushes out to buy some land, lol. My new ship should come in handy for this!

I managed to get into the final TSW beta event, but it isn't telling just when that will be. I'll enjoy checking this game out. Funcom also has anniversary gifts out for premium and free players of AoC. I received an email about it earlier, I might have to log in and check it out. Just don't know if I'll have the time. I do miss that game sometimes.

In other news EverQuest is boosting the AA modifier to around 1000% instead of the current 500%, or so I read on the forums. This won't decay around the current 2,500 AA number but instead around 4,000 AA points. So, it will be easier to catch up on this part of the game. This update is scheduled for next month. Give or take that's the gist I got from this thread.

That's it for today! Safe adventures!

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