Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend brought in some really great GW2 posts, in my reader. I really enjoyed having a peek at the game through, many other, bloggers eyes. Lots of fantastic videos too! I plan on playing it but I just wasn't up for getting a taste of something that isn't due out for awhile. Just a bit beta'd out, heh. It was great having a look, even if I wasn't playing. I did have a nice weekend playing other stuff, plenty of things to do.

I spent a good bit of time playing WoW and working on my druid. Mostly playing around with transmog stuff, which I happened to win third place in our guild contest, I won a cute little mechanical bunny pet! I've also been working on achievements, tradeskill things and making a little coin. The nice thing about WoW is it is very accessible. You can jump in and feel like you're getting stuff done even if you don't have a ton of time. Or you can just waste a bunch of time and still have fun, lol.

I even did a couple of regular instances. I've been having pins and needles feelings in my hands (CTS acting up I suppose) lately so I don't always feel like doing this sort of thing but it was really nice and the people were very laid back. I always start off saying hello and sometimes it can draw out the group to be a little more friendly.

Dire even logged in on his hunter last night! I have been asking him to pick something for us to play together but he hasn't. He didn't take very well to Vanguard, sadly. We ran the hellfire (TBC) heroics and then killed Magtheridon. I got a pretty new staff to transmog (picuted up top), I was so happy. Hopefully he logs in more to play with me, it was a lot of fun. My son is playing again, we did the Scroll of Resurrection today and he's now working on a shaman. I'm excited about playing with him. I bought him one of the Total War games last week and he's been hooked on it. He ended up getting the bundle off Steam.

I've been farming transmog gear, exploring zones and working on achievements and I think I may work on the loremaster title. At least attempt it, hehe. I explored some older zones this weekend as I was traveling and realized how much I missed some of those old zones I hadn't been to in ages. It would be nice to work through them again for the achievement! It's soothing just going back to old haunts too. I like to pop in and look for rare mobs, esp in the mid to low level zones. They have a lower spawn time and most are up when I check. The greens can net decent money if they are items that can be transmogged. I've made some nice money off those that are in demand.

Children's week is also here! I've been working on the pets, I got Mr. Wiggles on the druid, still have the two others to do and the hunter and priest still need it for this year. Mainly though I've been enjoying the druid mostly, puttering around having fun.

Player made dungeon Avatar. 
I haven't played EQ2 much, for quite awhile. I felt like messing around with my Beastlord a bit this weekend and had a nice time. I revisited the player made dungeon system and really ended up having the most fun with it. I like it more than I did at first and really it is a nice change. I have a certain avatar that I enjoy playing so it is cool to just switch things up for awhile and play something different. Plus the xp you get from those, at my lvl, is really awesome. I hit two levels and got an AA point, bumping me up to level 26.

I also worked on the new Freeport heritage quest for the Freeblood race and got a neat 'clicky' effect that swirls around my character with deathly looking green skulls. What is nice about EQ2 is there is a lot to do, a lot of things to choose from. I think that is what makes it such a great game.

Another great thing about EQ2 is with it being free it is great to pop into with an alt and mess around whenever you feel like it. If you don't then no big deal. It isn't that I don't to support EQ2, I probably spend more in micro-transactions when I do play, heh. I even threw some into the game for the triple SC weekend. I plan on spending more time in Norrath as I can, I will probably spend a good deal in some of those player made dungeons, they are awesome.

I'm still playing Vanguard. It is going slow. That is due to this being one of the games I haven't played for as long. I don't know all the ins and outs with it, the lay of the land. I am still learning. Playing Vanguard is relaxing and I try to keep it at a fun and relaxing pace these days. I've been working on some harder quests so I play a bit and log when I've had enough, until I get through these.

I spent some time last week crawling through dungeons and checking different areas out to level with. Sometimes the travel and exploring can cut into the speed of leveling. It is so nice just to explore and stumble upon quests in places I've never seen. I did manage to run off a cliff and lose a good chunk of XP while I was talking, Dire got a good laugh out of that, as I fumed, heh. Probably the most frustrating thing about VG to me, the xp loss if you can't get back to your corpse.

As May hits I wonder when we will hear more about the F2P conversion. I am really interested in what SOE has in store for this game. I would really like to hear more soon. Alas, no news lately, maybe we'll hear something soon. At least we're getting weekly updates, that is a good thing.  I am very excited for Vanguard getting attention and I cannot wait to see what is in store!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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