Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF Link Love

Stop trying to molest me Mr. NPC.

Yay, it's Friday. Thought I'd share some link love. I have plenty to write about but I'll save it for a more interesting post over the weekend or maybe Monday. For now there's some better stuff to share :)

I'm looking forward to reading about GW2 beta impressions in my feed reader over the weekend. Syp seems pretty hyped up about it! Bhagpuss is reminiscing and getting ready for Yak's BendArdwulf plans on uploading some videos, can't wait to see those! He also has a really cool Vanguard video up too, check it out.

If you're into transmog stuff, there is a wonderful contest on Proudmoore- The WoW factor. Check it out here, if you happen to play there. I think it would be really fun to even pop in and check out. I absolutely love transmog events and everything transmog! My server needs more of this stuff! BTW-Don't forget Children's Week starts Sunday!

Allods is celebrating it's one year anniversary! There are prizes to be claimed. Check out the information here. Speaking of anniversary events, LoTRO is celebrating it's fifth anniversary! There is a big celebration which has been extended into May, Massively has the rundown. Happy Anniversary to both of these great games!

TAGN has a really awesome post on the new fishing profession in Rift. It sounds like a lot of fun, almost makes me want to pop in just to check it out.

My friends over at Encrazed Crafts have some new ME3 videos up, as always they are funny XD I was speaking to the missus the other night and she mentioned the Mr's hilarious french chef skit, it's too funny, check it out!

And I leave you with a video from the awesome- Your Favorite Martian!

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