Friday, April 13, 2012

Pandas! (Quick Peek At MoP Beta)

So... here's kaozz as a Pandaren monk. The mass of people just standing around in the starter area causes huge lag spikes and the quests are not really designed for such a large influx of people at once. It isn't helping that I was streaming the client, had... to... get... in, lol. Not enough mobs, clicking like mad to interact with an object, just total chaos. However, it really looks lovely and I'm sure it will be much more fun once you get past the starting area. The music is just wonderful, the visuals gorgeous and those Panaren, too cute!!

Maybe I'll go poke around in D3 beta over the weekend instead. I doubt I get very far with much beta in MoP on a weekend, I am sure it is going to be PACKED. I may wait until a weekday morning to try again. I know Dire wants to pop in and check it out when he gets off work, I hope by late night it isn't as congested.

The character creation screen is different, it's pretty neat, I liked the change. Sharing a picture for those who haven't seen it. Not too much else new that I noticed. I know nothing nobody else has shared but... Just wanted to share some pictures real quick- Not too many but the top one is just adorable!

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