Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving Along in Telon

I'm steadily moving along in Vanguard. Dire said I'd be bored and have moved on by now but it's still really exciting for me. I hit 23 before logging last night! I suppose there is so much to explore and experience. Even if I make it to 55 there is so much to explore with alts, plus I want to build a house one day. I don't know if that will happen but it is something I really would like to do- Have my own house in Vanguard.

Yesterday I managed to finish up the URT armor missions and was able to obtain the weapon quest which rewarded me with a really nice upgrade. I'm really enjoying the Disciple and I think the necromancer will be a different but fun route to work on down the road. The URT mission was pretty tough at the end, which required a small group, but with some thought and tactics I was able to solo it at 22. I was glad to finish this quest series up.

I do solo a lot but last night I met a few people along my travels and added them to my friends list. I found another player doing the unicorn quest, while gathering flowers we teamed up and found another player who already had all the flowers (only one person needs all 100 flowers to summon the quest mob). So, that worked out well and he shared this with us. The unicorn mount quest is a very long chain but it is a really nice mount with a very fast speed, it is for level 30. Still lots left to do but I've gotten further than I thought I'd be currently.

It was nice teaming up with other people, a break from solo. I hope to meet more people as I travel. I wish Dire would play, it would be such a great game for a duo with his DK and my disc. He is only level six, so there isn't anything pulling him to come back... Though I might try to pull his hair to get him to, lol. I do have a good friend playing but he isn't playing as much lately and has fallen several levels behind me. The nice thing is if wither of them do log in, I can always mentor down to group with them, much like you can in EQ2.

Jeremy@massively is hosting an event on Massively TV on April 25th, sounds like a fun idea. If you want to participate check out his post here. I'm going to try to be on that day, I love things that bring the community together, plus it will show off VG a bit and those who don't get to see it live can view it at a later time.

In other news Dire got into MoP beta last night, while I didn't get into that yet I did get into D3 beta. So I'll be able to check both out, works out nicely, mwahaha! My son is very excited about D3. Lots of downloading today. Also, Erinys @ The Harpy's Nest has a great post showing off farms and farmhouses! I can't wait to go check these out myself! I'm really excited about some of the features in MoP and can't wait to see some of it myself. I'm about to watch over my son's shoulder as he tries out a Demon Hunter in Diablo III though!

Last but not least if you love Vanguard's soundtrack as much as I do you should check this out, a great way to extract the music files and listen to them at your own leisure. Or you could always check them out here (fantastic YouTube playlist). Get ready to get crit by a wall of screenshots! Safe travels, peeps!


  1. Oh thanks for the Vanguard sound files links! I spent a while trying to work out how to get at the music a few years back without success. Best soundtrack in MMOs!

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I duoed to 50 with a Disciple/Shaman pair (I was the Disciple) and then again with a Disciple/Dread Knight (me being the DK that time). Vanguard is a fantastic game for duos, or it was when we did it, which was before the big combat revamp. There were pretty much no single mobs we ever met below Raid level that those duos couldn't handle and most dungeons were manageable too. Probably a lot harder now, though.

    Getting a house is very easy compared to leveling above 50, I'd say. Solo, xp after 50 moves with glacial slowness. I gave up less than 20% into 50. I assume it's better in a group. Getting a house just requires finding someone selling the parts, which used to be easy enough. Furnishing it takes a lot longer!

  2. I agree! I absolutely love the soundtrack in Vanguard, I had to figure out how to listen to my favorites while I blog, lol. I think EQ files are saved in wav format so I was kind of stumped when I saw these were not!

    Good to know that building a house isn't as daunting as I had thought it would be! I need to really look into it, but I want to wait a few levels before I start buying the things I need.

    Sounds like you guys had a fun combo, I really wish Dire would pick it back up, it would be a great game to duo and run dungeons with. That's what he likes to do, he just doesn't know how suited this game is to him... yet, lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have a Necro named Tormyn should you come across him. He's 32. I also have quite a few chars in the 20's.
    One thing though, have you tried fishing? I love it. It's like a game within a game. Check it out if you haven't already!


  4. Np! I'll add you to friends next time I log in. I tried fishing maybe, hrmm... last year I think. I want to get around to trying it again. I was just reading a post on the forums about it and I thought I should give it another go, sounds like I should, hehe!




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