Sunday, April 15, 2012

Age Is Just A Number (Vanguard and Other Stuff)

I've been doing a lot of work on the website this weekend. I liked the old look and feel but I just wanted something more accessible to more of my posts, instead of them getting jumbled together in a pile of archives. Thus far I like the look and feel I have now, I hope you, my readers, like it also. I hope it isn't too abrasive on the eyes, I tried to keep it simple with a little edge to it. Plus, I still wanted to incorporate some of my own artwork into it. My favorite fantasy race is Dark Elves in case you haven't noticed. I thought it would be cute to put the female in a t-shirt with my logo on it ;)

Anyhow... I have been dabbling in Vanguard a bit too, over the weekend. As I progress through the world of Telon I find it is not always a place for the faint of heart. I like that I get a feeling of accomplishment from what I do, that not everything feels like a rush to the end to raid to feel like you're doing something as you level. There are needs for groups but still solo play is available if you can't find one. Years ago I thought it was more of a group game, which it really shines when you group but you don't need a group to play.

Last night I slid into level 24 with my Disc, Angel, and completed another part of the Unicorn mount quest. I decided to work more on the Hunter's League (armor) quest. These mobs are level twenty, four dot, mobs. They come in pairs most of the time while clearing and some heal, which can be very, very annoying if you're soloing them. After clearing out some of the entrance mobs another player entered the tomb and we teamed up. It was nice to have another player to help out but it also got kind of messy a few times as I had to tank, dps, and throw heals as I could to both of us. It works differently in vanguard where some of my healing and buffs come from my dps so a few times he had to bite the bullet but I could rez him luckily. It's just hard to spot heal a 'clothy', I felt bad because he died, but I had two- four dot- mobs on me a few times, ugh. He was a good sport though.

Now I'm at the point where I need five more- four dot- cyclops mobs which heal and take ages to chip away at, I really hate healer mobs. I'll be glad when this part is done, the quest chain yields a lot nice rewards so I'll continue on it as I level, keeping up with this chain and the unicorn quest should gain me a decent amount of xp to level 30. I still like to detour and do some side quests too.

Sometimes it really amazes me what the disciple is capable of. It does take some thought and effort, it isn't an easy mode class but it is a strong class if played right, I enjoy it a lot. Dire may play again too which would be nice, I think he is considering a Disciple too. I think he'd really like it and I can always play the Necro with him if I feel like it. Most likely I'll just run him through all the quests and dungeons that I enjoyed the most, here I am getting ahead of myself. BUT- he did just call as I was writing and decided to play it again with me! I can't wait to show him just how much this game has to offer a duo like ourselves.

Did you know that Vanguard is only five years old? It's not as old as EQ2 or WoW. It's funny though to see people who have played both head to Vanguard and talk about how they enjoy playing an older game, heh. They comment on how it is nice to play an old school game but it is really quite modern, with a lot of depth that most modern games lack. I think that is the thing most are missing today- depth. We start to see depth and challenge, as archaic. The biggest reason people look at it as old- I'd say- Is that it hasn't received many updates or, well, anything in the last few years.

I admit five years isn't a spring chicken in the MMO industry but how old is the juggernaut holding the most subscribers? Two years older than this game. Age is just a number ;) What's nice about this title is that you can still catch up, there are plenty of guilds looking for new blood. And with the attention for a new dev team we're looking at new content and possibly AA's in the future. Lots to look forward to!

I haven't really played too much EQ. I suppose jumping in and buffing up before I get started just seems daunting. Then trying to decide where to go, meh, so for now just taking a little breather. Even if my account lapses I still can log in with F2P, which is really nice. I would do all access but I am playing on two different accounts, sigh.

I've been really excited about MoP but I'm not even going to try to log in and bother on a weekend. Last time I was in beta (WoTLK) I didn't even want to play the live game after I got spoiled by all the fun new stuff in beta. I suppose it can't hurt as I'm a bit bored with things anyhow. I really wish the expansion would hurry up and release, I'm so dreadfully bored in WoW.

That's it for today. Have a great week, peeps!


  1. I love your new blog look but NoScript doesn't. When I whitlelist you that's just what I get - a plain white screen! I had to allow the whole page even though everything appeared to be allowed already.

    Disciple is my favorite class in any MMO. It's not even close. If every game had a Disciple analogue I'd never play anything else.

    I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm in Telon but its probably only weekends that I'm on at the same time and I tend to play EQ2 then with Mrs Bhagpuss and the two or three active members of our guild. Maybe I could persuade her to pop back too - it would be great to get an actual group going sometime. She's always waxing nostalgic about Vanguard and EQ.

    I have characters at a range of levels in VG and I keep reading that Vanguard has a mentoring system too, although I'm blowed if I can remember seeing it used. I am at least determined to get some group play when it goes F2P. Nearly all my VG experience has been duo and solo and I'd love to do some of the dungeons in a full group.

  2. Aw, I don't use that or Firefox :( That's an add on for FF I think? I used to love FF until one of the updates where it ran like total crap, now I use chrome for the most part.

    Cool, would be neat to see you one weekend, in game! Dire is starting again tonight and I am so excited to finally have someone to run through these dungeons with, even if they are lower he'll eventually catch up. That would be awesome if you guys played with us sometime too. The game is great for grouping with all the dungeons. That's sort of our thing and I think he is excited about the prospect of having some fun places to run through together. He's been hooked on EQ but sometimes it is so late that just getting set up and running out there you're already tired by then, lol.

    Mentoring works almost the the same as EQ2- If you're five or more levels above the person you can mentor down to their level. It works much like EQ2, tried it last year sometime, when he was playing- briefly. I think it is great to have it in the game, going to do the brotherhood deal with him too so he can absorb xp while I level. Hopefully this little bit can help him catch up faster.

    Anyhow, if you guys decide to play sometime let me know! It's so much more exciting with other people XD




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