Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week... This 'N' That

Little bit of this and that to start the week off....

Did Aion go F2P? I keep hearing it did and the site says Feb. 28...? I keep reading about rallying the troops, which you would think would be more of an incentive for a head start but I received an email asking me to subscribe to log in, after a few days it says my free time ran out and I have to pay to log in. Um, no thanks.

I might dabble around when the free to play gets ironed out and the new patch is rolling. Until then it was just a bit too bland for my tastes. Cool game, a bit of grinding involved, I might give it another look to check out housing and mounts. Though housing seems odd and a bit expensive, we'll see.

I really, really liked Prius, I just didn't like the fact that there was only one server when it came out, PvP at that. Later on they added a PvE server but I just didn't feel like doing it all over again just to be on another server, thus I never played again after my initial break. I suppose it is good that I didn't get too invested, the game is shutting down at the end of this month. Very sorry to hear this, the game had a lot of charm and was different than your run of the mill MMO. I think everything with the NA release was just a little too late, the actual launch in (Korea was it?) was in 2006, so it was already a bit dated when it hit the US, last year at that. A shame though, this is one I would have liked to see stay around. *Sad Face*

I managed to send myself a Scorll of Ressurection. I now have an 80 Lock on my other account with it. Played around a little, now I have Cataclysm on that account, woo. I was considering transferring the lock to my main account but I can't be bothered right now, I much prefer playing the hunter at the mo'. I haven't even paid for it, still thinking on it but  I know I will kick myself later on for not getting it, if I don't. Still thinking on it.

Right now WoW mostly consists of soloing old content, daily quests and achievements. And really that is fine with me. Sometimes that is just how it is. Dire doesn't log in these days, been trying to get him to do some old content with me but he's not been in the mood for WoW. I do have fun doing old content though, a good way to blow off steam or take a trip down memory lane.

Things are actually a bit more interesting in EverQuest for us. We've started doing more instances, like I mentioned previously- the LDoN missions. Now we're working on the missions you can access in Lavastorm, the Dragons of Norrath (expansion) missions. They have some nice incentives such as faction, vendor loot, permanent stat boosts and so on. So we've been doing a couple a night if we're not too tired and I have to say I really enjoy these. The one we've been doing is a moon temple and the art style is lovely, it is a nice change of pace.

This week I'd like to write up some helpful tips for getting back in EverQuest, with the F2P coming up soon I think it might be handy. I'll have to sit down and think on some but there are a few recommendations I'f like to give, like server choices and so on. So, keep an eye out for that.

I recently found out that a sim was closing and have been logging in to hunt for books (which contain gift items) and trying to take pics while I roam around the sim hunting for those elusive books. It is one of the loveliest sims, I hate to see it close so I have been spending a little time poking around in there. It is called Drowsy and you can tell the person who owns it loves books. Thought I'd share a few really neat pictures. Twig has been adventuring with me there too.

Last but not least! I'm still playing Zentia, I should hit level 32 next time I log in. Experience isn't super fast but I'd say it goes by at a decent rate with questing. The game might have an eastern look but it isn't one where you feel as if you're floundering about to find your way, this is one of the things I love about it. It feels familiar but fresh. Plus the game has a great sense of humor to go along with it, translations are excellent, except in some cases where the teleporting horses don't teleport, they run, lol.

I have been questing and exploring, one usually leads to the other. In the process I tamed a rare pet, a cricket, which I should have sold but I ended up keeping. I've started selling mounts I've been catching, not for a lot but it has helped me accumulate a little bit of gold-which gets easier to make as you level but I'm still not making much unless I set up a vendor overnight. I also managed to tame a level 40 mount, I have to be 40 to use it but I was so excited to acquire another, it is a two-seater Moose mount, lol.

Hrmm, what else. I've been working on  training my pet bear. Leveling him as I do, which they gain stats which give the owner a boost. He is nice because he gives me a bit of defense so I'm not as squishy, next I think I will work on another who helps with mana. I have four pets, I need to buy more slots, which are ten gold each, a bit much for me yet.

I've expanded my bags. bank slots and quest bags (yes quest items have a separate bag!), all in the game by questing or putting down a little coin. It is nice to see that in a free game. It is also nice to not run out of space every time I turn around! Not that the bag sizes are immense but a lot of things stack and that helps out too.

I still really enjoy this game a lot, it sticks close to my heart. I urge anyone looking for a well rounded MMO to jump in and try it out. <3


  1. I think it's only the European version of Aion that's gone F2P so far. The NA version is also converting but not sure when.

    I haven't summoned up sufficient enthusiasm to download it. It was one of the rare AAA releases that I never had the slightest interest in the first time round.

  2. Ah, I see. Yeah, I haven't gotten that excited about it either. Seems I'm locked out of my account, I can use my GW login but still sort of annoying. I suppose at some point I'll contact support.




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