Saturday, March 10, 2012

Minions of Mirth

A friend of mine asked me if I would try out one of his favorite games. I figured I owed it to him as he plays many of the ones I hop around in, heh. The game is called Minions of Mirth, I tried it years ago and felt lost but having someone show me around might make it a bit easier to get a feel for it. It did, this is a game that is similar to EverQuest where you might feel a bit lost at first, or perhaps for awhile until you learn your way around and how the game works.

Minions of Mirth is a nice enough game. It has a very distinct 1999 feel to it, so if you're looking for an old school MMORPG this is one to take a look at. I think the game actually released in 2005. The graphics are older but charming, I can't really say anything good about the female character models, but if you can get past that the game world is interesting looking.

Combat is a bit slower but not horribly so, at the lower levels I can speak for, don't know about higher up. I didn't find myself having a hard time soloing and standing around between mobs is fairly fast as you regen quickly. Combat is interesting, plus you can multi-class, picking three classes. One to start, another at level five and the last at level fifteen. So there are a lot of choices on how to go about with classes, you could make some interesting characters depending on what you pick. I think the game shines with some interesting classes and the mixing of them up really makes this fun.

There is a bit of hunting around for stuff but if you use tracking, (everyone gets this) by hitting the T key, you can find npc's and other players easily. The wolf in the tracking window points the way you need to be facing and also lists the distance, very handy!

Another thing that is cool about this game is that it is one where you buy the game and don't pay for a sub. Apparently this older title has enough players to keep it going still. i noticed a cash shop type page but I'm not sure exactly what the stuff was though. There is even an offline mode, I wish more MMORPG games offered this. I remember when I first started EverQuest I had wished it had this! There is also a free trial mode where you can play for free for 15 levels. That should be sufficient enough to decide if you like the game enough to buy it or not.

There are no mounts in this game but the basic run speed is pretty fast, add run speed buffs on top of that and you can go quite fast. Soloing seems decent enough and there is group content I am told, it is a bit of a grinder but there are quests that you can find along the way. The community is small but seems friendly enough.

A nice game to play to scratch that old school MMORPG itch. Want to check out more about the game? Find the official page here. Also, if you want to create an account download (download is on the left sidebar on the page I linked) the client and then click register on the log-in screen. Took me a bit to find that, or rather Rak had to point it out for me after I searched around, lol.

Helpful links for MoM:
Encyclopedia- (Also found in-game) Can be found here.
Getting started you might want to check out the Game Manual.


  1. I've had several runs at Minions of Mirth over the years. I played it for a while when it first started and a couple or three times since. Haven't heard anyone mention it for a long time. It's amazing that it's still going. I might have another look at it.

    My favorite old-school MMO that isn't actually one of the originals is Crowns of Power. That really does look and feel a lot like EQ circa 2000.

  2. MoM is a neat little game, I already play EverQuest so that is all the grinding I need right there, lol. I don't think I could take on another as a main game, but it is fun for something on the side plus I think the fact that you only pay for it once is sorta neat.

    CoP looks cool too, might have to check it out just to see what it is about.




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