Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nomadic Gaming

Lately I've been playing a good bit of Zentia. It is a good game to play casually and pop in and out of as you feel like it, it's also great for keeping busy if you want something fun to distract you. The thing I like about Zentia is that there is so much to do. Constantly there are in-game events, dungeons, solo dungeons, casual leisure games and that is just what I've seen thus far at 23.

I think another aspect that keeps me engaged is taming mounts and pets, which is fun. This morning I logged in to see the hunt activity was going on. Basically it is an arena where you can tame a mount if it is up, you're flagged for PvP though. I was the only one, glad I didn't have to fight anyone, and a wolf mount was up. I was pretty happy to battle him then tame him, he is one of the mounts which you can use for combat as well as having a decent travel skill. Stuff like this is just fun to collect.

There are some dynamic aspects to the game such as quests popping up randomly and interacting with items you can collect on the ground also start quests and net nice xp, they can be repeated. It is fun to participate in the events too, even if you don't win you gain a lot of xp. Everything has a nice experience rate even the side activities, so leveling isn't slow and boring.

While the game appears to be cartoony and childlike quality, it really has depth and a lot to do. I'd advise anyone to check it out if you want a decently paced theme park with lots to do. There are even tradeskills, which I have yet to try.

Other than that I've not been doing a whole lot else. Popping into other games here and there but nothing noteworthy. I did try Aion again since it is going F2P, I have to decide what class I want to play, still not sure. Figured I'd come back to it in a week or so.

Still playing Allods but things are sometimes slow there so I come and go. Another game I have been poking around is EQ2, not a lot but doing some events, which is nice, random player created dungeons too. That is another game that always has a lot of things to do, so it always pulls me back in, even if only briefly. I want to catch the events this month so I'll probably be logging in more there. Just being nomadic, EQ, EQ2, Zentia, WoW, Allods, playing whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

That's about it for me today. If you wanna try out Zentia, or if you play it, look me up! I'll hook you up with a free combat/travel mount (two-seater bear or non-combat travel two-seater boar), have a few sitting around in the bank in hopes that some friends will play :) I'm Sablesixx, on the PvE server. Have a great weekend!


  1. Totally unrelated, but I can't believe how many f2p games use such horrid fonts.

    Really. It blows my mind, typography is a powerful tool when used correctly. These games would likely all see an increase in population/revenue given they had someone design a half-decent looking font for their game. Or *gasp* actually use the font to their advantage and enhance the visual aspects of the game, along with the game play its self too.

  2. I second that. The single factor that stops me spending more time in many F2P MMOs is the font.

    I am slowly working through the incredibly tedious process of manually patching Zentia. I vaguely remember having to open ports to get it to work the first time and i have re-set my router since then, which wiped whatever I did. I can no longer find the port forwarding info I used the first time so I hope the manual patching will do the trick.

    Says a lot for how good Zentia is that I am making the effort !

  3. If a game has decent play I don't really mind the fonts, played a lot of fun games with cruddy fonts hehe. That's just me, I can see how it might bother some people. And for the life of me I cannot figure out of to disable the UI, I need to google it.

    Zentia might look a bit low caliber but a lot of love and depth have been put into the game, you can tell as you play through it. It has a lot of charm and humor too.

    How come you have to do the manual patch? I did that with Silk RoadR... Ugh wasn't worth it! But I'd do it for Zentia if I had to, hehe. Hope you get it settled!

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