Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Allods Delivers

Last night I logged into Allods to check and see if the rewards, for the Play for Rewards event, had been sent out. It seemed that I had only gained one item, but the mail system was a bit overloaded I read on the forums. Upon logging in at a later time I received all of my rewards and I was pretty excited. In my mailbox waiting were the following items, pictured below:

Some of the items I sold and made a pretty penny, most I kept though. I absolutely love the mount, cosmetic armor and the Talisman of The Chosen one, which adds the glow (pictured) around my character's head.

I have to say for logging in just one hour a day it was well worth it. Even if I couldn't play I made a point to at least leave my character sitting there. There was a bit of a conflict on patch day, which was about halfway through the event, so all in all the event actually took 16 days, with 2 not counting. But if the forums were checked up on, all information was there as well as on Facebook, it just took a bit of keeping tabs on.

Playing for the last few weeks has been enjoyable, I really like the game as it is now, more so than how it was at release. I'm not too crazy about the aspect of playing a PvP oriented game but there are things that differ from the average PvP based game. I like the classes and races, the look and feel of the game. I'm quite glad I gave it another chance and it was well worth it with the event plus the new spring festival event going on, which has been fun. I love games that have fun fluff filled events and Allods really delivered on the fluff!

I will continue to play Allods after this, I wasn't sure just how far I'd get but it was a great incentive to come back and try it out! I leave you with some pictures of my time thus far in Allods.

Yasker Hawk Set.

My 'druid' look.

Tropical Allod.


The stash!


Bunny ears and a skeleton costume while dancing= win :)


  1. I haven't played Allods in ages. I do remember enjoying it quite a bit so maybe I will have to check it out sometime again. Not sure how much I'll play, but it's worth trying again.

  2. It's pretty fun. I log in quite often and putter around with some quests. It is pretty solid for questing and feeling like you're doing something instead of running around clueless, like some other F2P games.




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