Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday EverQuest! F2P Conversion

In just a few hours it will be the 13th anniversary of EverQuest. I've played for 12 years and have many wonderful memories, still continuing the journey today. I even met my husband in EverQuest. I'm a hardcore nerd, I admit it. Anyhow...

With that EQ goes free to play and while the EQplayers site is down the forums are abuzz and the new patch notes are up. If you're planning on starting fresh then you might want to note that the tutorial zone has had a bit of a revamp and is now rewarding better gear and most likely a more rewarding experience. I'm thinking of playing an alt through it just to see how it's changed.

Some things to take note of:

  • Mercenaries are now cheaper to hire, so for those picking back up it should be easier to purchase one, hopefully at least! And the healer AI has been tweaked, yay!
  • Seek out Sam Napth in PoK for the anniversary events. While there are many high level ones there will be some lower level ones from the previous years. Some fun items include xp potions, the (scepter) firework items, pets and such.
  • All players are now given a Tome of Heroes Journey which should help guide players through the game as they advance in levels. Very awesome!
  • A new map system has been implemented with a tracking feature leading to while showing target on the map.

Hope to see you in Norrath! May EQ have many, many more birthdays to celebrate! You can find me on Firiona Vie as Bunny.


  1. play an alt! Run me through the tutorial! WOOHOO!\

    FYI: Finding love through video games is awesome. :)

  2. Thinking about making a warrior or SK XD




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