Monday, March 19, 2012

EQ: F2P Thoughts and Augments

It's actually been pretty exciting in EverQuest lately, with the celebration, anniversary stuff, fabled mobs and the F2P conversion. We've had an influx of players on our server which has been nice. I know not all of these players will stay but some of them will, I hope to get some of them to join us in our little guild too.

Victor Stillwater was kind enough to let me share his experience of the F2P launch, which was exciting to join in on the excitement of a new player. I managed to help him through the tutorial and work on his language to communicate with others. It is a lot for someone to take in though, thirteen years worth of a game with some older mechanics in some areas but EQ isn't a hard game once you get a basic feel for it. It is actually pretty straightforward now that they have added a 'Golden Path' for players. We even set him up with his own house. I don't know if he will stick with it, but I am glad he took the time to try it out and accept my invitation to join us.

The biggest complaint I see with people who have returned is gear not working (unusable) and thus they say they are giving up. Most likely it is augments, which are considered prestige items, flagging the actual items they are augmented into as prestige. A simple solution would be to remove the augments and you should be able to use your gear fine, unless you have some of the newer raid gear, which you'd probably do better playing an alt or subbing.

EverQuest does offer a lot of content for free IMO. You just have to decide if playing free is what you want. I play EQ2 free but if I were playing it as my main game I wouldn't. EQ, I pay for a gold sub, I just have been and I figure I'll continue to do so. Plus, I get 500SC back a month which makes it more along the lines of a $10.00 subscription on what I get back.

If you're strapped for cash it does offer a lot of room to wiggle, if you don't mind going around things. You're not locked out of zones, you may have issues with AA's and augs but hopeful the augment thing will get resolved. There really is no reason that they [augments] should be causing so many problems. And, you can buy AA unlockers to last you for a bit as you go, they are fairly cheap. If you're hardcore though a monthly fee is the better deal.

I've worked a bit on the anniversary events and had a wonderful time re-visiting old places, bringing back a flood of memories. I've taken a ton of screenshots, far too many to share in one post, so instead I thought I'd compile a video for anyone wanting to take a look. It's mainly shots over the anniversary and our last few years of playing EQ. All of my ancient pictures from 2000 are long gone, I keep hoping one of these days I'll find a CD with some of them saved.

We've been recruiting in  the guild, I need to start doing so more active but it is growing slowly. I had been holding off until I felt like taking the plunge and sticking with the game on a regular basis, instead of just the weekends and I think that time is now. It's looking good and we're making some more friends, grouping and having a fun time. The option to join us on FV is always open!

So, that pretty much sums up my weekend in EQ. Have a great week, hope you enjoy the video! Also you can find a list of the past and present Anniversary quests and tasks here!

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