Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Picks- Everquest/Allods/PWI

Edit: Video had some issues, updated and had to upload again. Should be working fine now.

I thought I'd do a video for a few of the games I'm playing this month. Nothing spectacular but just to show some combat of each game, mounts or just some of the world. I've been writing about these games a good bit and sharing pictures but sometimes it is hard to get a feel for a game without seeing it in action. Before I try out a lot of games I love to check them out on MMOHut and YouTube just to see if it is something I'd be interested in. So, I figured maybe my readers would like the same about some of the games I've been talking about.

First up is EverQuest. I had planned to do some footage with Dire's SK but he's been so tired this week we haven't played much, so instead I just took some of my Monk. There really isn't a lot of exciting stuff to share of solo content but it is relaxing and I tried to show a few old zones that I thought were interesting as well as how buffing with a melee character works with clickies (clickable buffs on items). Not too much else besides combat.

Next is Allods online which I am quite low in still. I am playing it at least for the seven days required for the event going on currently (free items). I'm actually enjoying it more than I though I would but I don't want to talk too much about this as I want to save it for a post on my thoughts as a whole after the seven days, and if I will continue to play. Showing a little bit of summoner combat, a very silly quest which causes you to scrub npc's in your underwear.... Yeah. I've even left the quest log up so it can be read. Also showing the city a bit too.

Finally Perfect World International. I'm still enjoying this game but things have slowed down a bit as the area I am questing in is tightly packed with mobs and quite a few have a short aggro radius which can cause things to get messy in a hurry. Mainly showing one of the cities, casting, combat a tad, just a quick look at the game to share the look and feel. It is a lovely game and screenshots never seem to do it justice!

Hope you enjoy the video. I really need to start using something other than Fraps for recording, for now it isn't a big deal as all of my videos are under ten minutes and it records with a very nice quality. I'd like to do some more of these videos each month, possibly focusing more on each game per video. It is time consuming taking multiple pieces of footage and editing it all but it is a lot of fun, so we'll have to wait and see. Please be sure to watch in full screen HD. I also left the UI up in these clips to show what each one looks like. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. I enjoyed watching you video as I had a morning cup of tea. EQ1 looks really cool and I look forwards to it's f2p conversion. I've been playing Asherons Call lately, really enjoying that old 3rd virtual world charm that modern games lack.

  2. Kaozz, this was a very enjoyable vid- very well put together. I laughed at the "RP" session you were having in Allods and the soundtrack chosen. The clothing in that game always struck me as a little on the absurd side, but the gameplay looked alright.
    I'd definitely enjoy watching footage about gameplay in the world of an MMORPG. I'd seen my fill of boss fights on Youtube... it's all anyone ever uploads. I enjoy the small-group stuff and the world.
    Thanks for the vid!

  3. @ Professer. Ty! I was considering looking into that, been reading a few things about it and it almost had me looking into it. I need to cut back on what I'm playing though!

    @Ahtchu- Many thanks! Yes, my husband watched it and asked me if that was the default underwear, lol. It has a feel similar to WoW but a bit slower paced, maybe more like classic WoW.

    Yeah, I get tired of boss fights too, I've watch more than I care to mention!

    And a big /rude to blogger for not sending me a notification on comments >.>




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