Monday, February 13, 2012

EverQuest RAF: Grandfathered In

With the announcement of EverQuest going free to play the RAF (recruit a friend) program was no longer an option, if you notice the page now is not working correctly. There was an announcement that RAF would be discontinued and all account links broken, meaning nobody gets any benefits any longer. Not a very good feeling from the community on this topic, with good reason.

However, after many pages of concerns being posted in response to this decision, on the forums, it seems the program will be grandfathered in! Very happy that this decision was reversed and that at least those of us who have it can continue to enjoy it. Many, like myself, bought an extra account just for this program. I think that it would be nice to of had a heads up, a one last chance for others to purchase it, it would have probably sold a lot of copies. Ah well, I'm glad we're getting what we are. Here's the actual post which can be found here:

Hey folks,
I've got some good news! JChan has put in a lot of time over the last week or so, both digging through code and working with other SOE teams to create a solution for the Recruit a Friend bonuses. RAF bonuses will be grandfathered in, but there are some fairly specific limitations in how we can do this so please read this thoroughly! We'll be reposting it, but I wanted to get this answer out to the folks in this thread as quickly as possible.
In order to be guaranteed eligibility for Recruit a Friend benefits after Free to Play, players will need to have been actively subscribed on 2/27/2012. We will take a snapshot of the program on 2/27/2012 and this list will be used to determine eligibility for Recruit a Friend benefits.

In order to receive Recruit a Friend benefits both the recruiter and the recruitee will need to have gold status. If either account slips from gold status, benefits will be suspended until both accounts are Gold again.

So there we have it folks, we've found a solution. Enjoy!

EverQuest Community Manager


  1. Hmm, maybe I should check it out before then to see what you guys are so interested in haha!

    Been playing A LOT of WoW lol. Ran the first half of LFR on my Rogue last night, going to run 2nd half tonight. I also have full PVP gear for my dual spec haha. Bought the Honor MH and OH daggers, helm, and shoulders. Sitting at about 3.1k Resilience right now lol. Did a lot of BGs yesterday ha.

  2. Yeah, you should check it out at least when it goes F2P.

    I've been playing more lately but I always seem to log in just a little bit after you go to sleep, hehe.

    Sounds like you're really enjoying the rogue. Been on the Priest a little and the Hunter mostly. I'll have to catch up when your on this week XD




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