Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slackin' Off

Lately I've been hopping around a lot, I sort of hate when I do this. It isn't that I'm not enjoying what I play but I miss looking forward to logging into the same game and making goals there. Perhaps the mystique isn't there anymore with many of my games, after all I've played Everquest since 2000, WoW since release, and EQ2 since 2007. The nice thing about playing a few games is taking a week off of one and coming back refreshed. I find myself most happy to go back to WoW, missing my characters and the vivid storybook type world more than I thought.

I sent my beloved hunter back to the Horde, one of my oldest WoW friends was very happy about that and we plan on doing some old instance runs like BWL and some heroics. It's always so nice to feel welcomed back by a good friend. He threw me an invite to his guild and I've been trying to [slowly] work on my gear as it is the best of any of my characters. I went MM the other day and did a heroic with Dire, I actually enjoyed it. I need to get back into the swing of things. Maybe finish leveling up my paladin, I'm so lazy.

We're still playing Everquest. Dire is actually playing EQ and WoW too, which is something different for him, he usually finds it much harder to slip from one game into the other but he has found a nice balance and enjoys both a lot. I haven't played as much but I will pick it back up soon. A good friend joined us on FV and I hate to say it but Dire has been far more welcoming to him, to our guild and server, than I. I'm such a slacker, plus it is much harder to PL someone with a magician. Yeah, I have a slew of alts on the other account I should play, sometimes I find it harder to get into the mindset to play some of them as I love my magician. It's very nice that he came to our server to play, he's trying to catch up a new alt and it seems to be going pretty smoothly. He hasn't played for many years so everything has changed a lot since his break.

I finished my land in SL and have a lovely little piece of land with a sweet little 'elvish' looking house. I'm almost out of room to place anything else and I was considering getting a bigger piece but I've grown attached to this one and I finally have it how I like, so I'm not too sure I will.

That's about it for me. Perhaps more interesting news later on in the week ;) Have a great week, peeps!


  1. "I'm not enjoying what I play but I miss looking forward to logging into the same game and making goals there".

    Story of my life before every expansion. But I have come to realize that I can easily create my own goals, like go after the fluff achievements, or complete the earlier tier raid/dungeon challenges. And oddly enough, for the time being, that is perfectly fine.

  2. Love this picture! So now it is om my desktop! I want to fix my place up more...grrr

  3. @Bronte- I had to re-read my initial post, hehe.- 'It isn't that I'm not enjoying what I play but I miss looking forward to logging into the same game and making goals there.'

    I still enjoy them and I do try for goals when I log into all of my games, some though just start to get a little stale. I'm all for running old dungeons for fluff and achievements, I try to keep it fun and make goals to work towards when I log in.

    Though lately I just feel like I hop around wayyyy too much. But at the same time I enjoy it but don't feel connected to the games I play when I do.

    @Janer- Thank you! <3




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