Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Days

I've been dabbling around with some free time and free games this week, enjoying myself quite a bit. I wanted to check back into some games that I haven't played in awhile. It is always nice to pop back into a game that you haven't played for awhile or perhaps one that has gone F2P, check out the changes see whats new. I love me some free stuff!

First up would be Rift. I've been tlaking to my bud, Rak, about messing around with some different games, just for a refreshing feel on gaming. He is still subbed to Rift so naturally he suggested I check it out again. While I didn't want to resub for just popping back in, I wanted to check for free time on my account. I remember reading about something about it recently, sure enough I had a few days.

It's been really nice being back. Rak prefers the Guardian side, which I've never tried past level six, so I started over as Guardian. We picked Byriel, since I do happen to know people on this shard. Not sure if many still play there but it seemed like a good choice. My old shard is now a trial so I ended up moving my other characters too. But, yeah, it has been nice. The guardian side is so much more appealing in terms of scenery, starting out it has a much more inviting feel, it's so lovely. It was like playing in a different game almost. I don't think I'd go back to the Defiant so soon.

I'm not going to sub now but I'm thinking in the near future of doing so because it is just like night and day, for me at least, playing on the different areas. I wish I hadn't missed the Christmas event but maybe I'll poke back in there next year. I'm glad I took the time to check out Rift again, the game is lovely and has a good feel to it, I really enjoyed myself being back. Too bad it isn't F2P, I'd spend more time, and money, on this game. I just can't value paying for more than I have going now- I have too many games going on as it is.

Next up is Lineage II. I've been wanting to get my hands dirty, roll up my sleeves for some action and see what all has changed since I last played- 2007. Things really changed immensely. When I last played the game had a lonely feel to it, at least at the lower levels. I rarely saw other players and I remember feeling so lost. The game is now bursting at the seams with players all over. Players now start in a new starting area and there are quests galore to start you off and get you feeling more situated. I was really impressed, it was a huge difference from the game I played years ago. The game felt 150% better off just for this. Being free to play seems to have brought in more players and players whom stuck to private servers, I think the population is quite healthy.

This is a PvP game but it is one that has a lot of charm even to a carebear like myself. The graphics look great still, there's a lot to do higher up and the game really starts you off on a good foot. If you've been thinking of trying it, really it's worth a look, at least to see how things have changed. Plus, it is fully free to play, no more subscriptions only cash shop items- which really didn't seem like pay to win.

Onto the next contender for free fun. Two actually, Perfect World Entertainment's: Perfect World International and Ether Saga. I've not played Perfect World since.... Maybe 2006-7. It is much the same, still grindy, but hey I play EQ I don't mind a grind. There have been some neat additions like genies, little fairy pets that give boosts to stats and attack. The game has been kept up to date and updated with patches and content so it's really a good lasting F2P game, as with all PWE games. Some of the cash shops and game mechanics are harsher than others but I'd say PW has a decent balance. It's nice being back and I think I will be dabbling with it for awhile. I've already managed to drag one friend there! I started over as starting back at level 30 might just not give me a real feel for jumping into the game again, I might try a few different this time around.

Ether Saga is one of those games that is a bit more expensive for fluff items and has a steeper learning curve due to all of the things that are part of the game. But it is a rewarding game. I recently received an email about not logging in for awhile and it offered rewards. Which were very nice, I even gained about 18 levels on my main, some saved still for an alt. So that makes my highest character level 40. I did have a time trying to find wheere to quest but the nice thing, I always forget this too, is that the quest log has a button that also shows available quests to you and will auto-route you to them. I wanted to smack myself after fretting about where to quest after gaining so many free levels. Well, now I have it jotted down here for the next time I forget!

It is nice being back, the game is just so cute and lively. Always something to do, there are a few grindy levels but for the most part it is quest driven, which is nice for a F2P game. It does take some time getting back into the fray but I'd say it is a lot of fun still.

I've been lazy this week posting but I have so much to talk about yet! Another day though, I've been playing a lot of stuff, having fun bouncing around testing the waters. Sometimes I know friends miss me and I drive others nuts with all the bouncing but it's who I am, I'm always off to adventure. Maybe one day I'll settle down. Next up should be some thoughts on STO, when I've had more time to sit down to it and my latest alt in EQ, the monk! Have a great weekend!

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