Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Back Into Things

I'm finally starting to feel better and there were several days I really didn't feel like playing anything. Over the weekend I managed to grab the laptop, while taking up residence on the couch, and putter around on the computer. Nothing taxing, as far as any games go mainly I messed around in Second Life. I looked for some fun freebies, hunts and chit chatted with some friends. I also managed to find a gorgeous piece of land to rent and set up the cutest little cottage and several fun things to interact with. I'm only two doors down from Twig, so she was very excited about that!

I've started building in Second Life, I really love that you can be as creative as you want in this game. Nothing spectacular but I'm getting a feel for it. So far I made a couple of wands with sparkles and hearts, not happy with them so I'm still working on the idea I have in my head. It is something fun to do as I really love to create things. Later today Twig is going to stop by so I can give her a lesson on how to start building, the basic steps on how to create and shape prims into items. I think she will have a lot of fun with it once she gets the hang of it.

Twig's property and little 'hobbit house' in the flowers.

My beach-side cottage, all my fun toys out back.

I popped into SWTOR last night and did a few quests. Before I got sick I was having a blast but it is a bit hard to get back into for some reason. I've been working on my class quest and I think doing the side quests while trying to catch up in levels to actually being able to 'finish' the quest to get my ship, it just sort of took some of the interest away perhaps? I think the biggest part of it all is the whole setting. I am really into high fantasy setting games so this is a big leap for me to get used to. I do enjoy it though, it just feels like crawling through an old warehouse, or something, at times. Guess I'm just not always enjoying the settings as I progress. Some of them are quite lovely though, in their own way they do have a lot of charm. I think the game is really wonderful, I just don't think it will be the game for me. I do know it will be one I keep around though, even if it isn't my main game.

I've not done much in WoW or EQ2 either, but I really haven't felt like playing anything much. I was just feeling that bad. Last night I managed to receive some help from a GM after having a (self inflicted, lol) problem with mailing some heirloom items. They sorted me out, pretty quickly too, and I was able to mess around with my lock alt for a bit. I'm just not in the mood for anything social at 80 these days. The pace of things just grates on my nerves, everything is a rush and I'm not in the mood for that these days. I still enjoy playing though, I just mainly do daily quests and things I find fun at the moment- Whatever suits the mood. I noticed the Darkmoon Faire is here, I need to get working on that. EQ2 is still quite fun too, I just play as I get in the mood to which is the great thing about it being F2P!

I have been craving to play something. Everquest. I don't know why but it is calling to me, has been for days. After talking to Dire about it the past couple of days we're thinking of popping back in to check out things with the new expansion. I'm still mulling it over. I'd like to advance my 90 magician to the new cap and work on more AA's with her. I guess I've played it so long it is like one of those comfort things. I just know I want to pick it up like an old 'blankey' and snuggle into it for awhile.

We'll see what happens. Plenty of good things to play! Now the hard part just deciding on which to sit down to ;) What's keeping you entertained so far in the new year?

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  1. Great pictures! I loveeeee your cottage and Twigs! hehe




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