Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing Your Way

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest memories.

This week, on the official WoW forums, Nethaera asks players about 'Playing Your Way'.  I think it is a real interesting topic, especially since the release of the MoP information and how developers want to add in more ways for players to progress and earn rewards. I'm a big fan of having many things to do in a game instead of just the same thing day in, day out. There were some great replies.

"Should", "Must", "Have To", are words that we see regularly in playing World of Warcraft and for many people, they can be a driving force in pushing them toward play that they may not necessarily enjoy merely because they were told that "this" was how it had to be. But, the game allows for more flexibility than that and it's important to remember that what anyone is here for is to merely have fun. Whether that means logging in to PvP, hang out with guildies or friends, doing professions, RPing with inanimate objects (guilty!), or what have you, there are many different things to do in the game that don't fall into the category of "must". 

So, to that end, I thought I'd kick up a conversation on what sorts of things you like to do for fun that don't necessarily fall within the scope of "should", "must", or "have to". What are the activities that keep you logging in and what suggestions would you give to others who are looking to stretch their fun factor into new types of play?

I enjoy a lot of things in the game, when I get burnt out on groups or raiding, as I have been for awhile with raiding, it is nice to have other fun stuff to look forward to in means of character progression. Some people like to snub their nose at anything other than raiding, which is quite silly to complain and look down upon having options.

These days I love to log in and collect appearance gear from old dungeons and raids as well as doing daily quests and crafting. Something different each day to mix it up. I really look forward to holiday events as they usually spice things up. I do wish there were random mini instances we could do all throughout the year, like the holiday bosses, perhaps with different rewards. Something fun and quick to look forward to, popping in and completing daily, even if you have a small amount of time  you still have something to look towards doing. I anticipate I will have a lot of fun with scenarios as those will add more flavor to the list of things to do.

It is nice to play an alt or just look forward to another goal being completed and under my belt and it is nice to not care about what I should be doing or what spec is the most optimal. I enjoy the freedom of doing things the fun way.

How about you, what do you do, or perhaps look forward to doing more on the lines of 'Playing Your Way'?


  1. Aww, I had the I Cast a Spell On You playing from a previous post of yours and I cut it off by clicking Leave a Comment X(

    Apparently his spell missed or evade-bugged ^_^

    I saw this post on the mmo champ tracker and thought it was amazing how in under ten minutes it had 9+ pages, sheesh.

    For me, I like the side stuff. Questing, archeology, getting appearance gear has been a big part of leveling up now for my toons actually. I haven't been eyeing mini-pets just yet, the few I have should do, and they said pets will likely be account bound, at least server anyway. So I got enough of a mix to last me awhile for that feature on it's way.

    Probably a big one is based on other players. Let me play how the heck I want, and assuming I do not infringe on your fun or vice versa, let it be. Too often do people dismiss others based solely on gear or spec and it pisses me off to no end. Base your ill-found judgement on my actions, not your assumptions. Allow me to tank the first pack before complaining "ugh, another dk" instantly upon porting into a group.

    If I can hold threat and are not hard to heal, does it really matter that I like to 2h tank on my warrior? Maybe I really like MM spec on my hunter, why should I feel bad I like that style because someone with a calculator states I can do 5% more damage if I went BM?

    Allowing us to actually play our own way with muting negative gamers would be great :D

    Also, did you check out D3 talents yet? I'll make a post about that today or tomorrow, but DANG some of those sound awesome and the mix and matching is really intense. I'm already thinking up strats and counter strats should I even pvp and how to get out of a jam doing this or that, and in what order and what rune would make my abilities the best in a given situation XD

  2. ROFL!

    Aye, I agree with you allowing us to play our own way. I really hope that the new talent changes help with this.

    I haven't seen anything much about the talents in D3, I need to check that out. I am getting excited about D3, especially since I'll be getting it for free now, lol.




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