Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween! Not too much going on with me lately, just RL stuff and piddling around with a few Halloween events. This past week my son caught strep and gave it to me, boo... As well as having a pet die :( One of our rats passed away last week, he was very old.

On a happier note, tonight should have some goodies on the boob tube. American Horror Story has a marathon- Woo! I made sure to get Dire caught up on last weeks episode of The Walking Dead, which he missed, as well as watching this weeks episode which left me thinking WTF... I did not see that coming. Good episode.

Anyhow, hope everyone has a fun Halloween! Made a video to celebrate, hope you enjoy it! Just some fun Halloween shots from a few games I've had the chance to participate in with Halloween events. Be safe!

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