Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time To Let Go?

Hello. Hello? Anyone there?

Tap, tap, tap.... Is this thing on?

Pretty much sums up the feeling when I join a random group in LFD with my tank these days. I actually love tanking with her, sadly I feel the opposite about the community. I don't like to say I am quitting any game but I think my WoW days are pretty much numbered. It really makes me feel sad though because I think it is a wonderful game while I absolutely loathe the community.

It isn't that I don't have a thick skin, I just am not enjoying the community anymore. Nobody wants to tank or heal but they sure don't mind abusing tanks and healers. I say let them sit in the queues and rot. Getting cursed out for asking people to put a pet on assist, or perhaps having to heal myself on and off because the healer wants to dps or randomly afk. As dps it is just as bad at the higher levels, the tables turn, abusive behavior gets worse.

I can't help remember making great friendships in instances that lasted for years. While out questing and the like I met people. What happened to making connections with people in the game and having a network of friends to do things with. I miss those days. As much ease as the dungeon finder creates, it creates even more havoc on the community. I have't made a new friend outside of joining a guild or through blogging, in a long time. About a year honestly. The last person was someone I killed in PvP who logged over to an alt and chatted with me- I still talk to him and his wife. I miss that type of community! I have so many wonderful memories in WoW but they seem so long ago. Maybe it is time to let go.

In any case I guess I will move onto EQ2 or Vanguard for awhile. I might do the Station Access deal again, that way I can play both. My Inquisitor needs to be dusted off anyhow. Vanguard is looking mighty inviting currently. I downloaded Fallen Earth this week but it is hard to stomach the starting area again (lol) so I don't know when I will get around to that. I have been playing some stuff with my son and it has been enjoyable to spend time with him gaming and seeing what it is he enjoys in the gaming aspect. I know he loved the idea of having someone to play with, everyone does. I try to play things with people I care about when time allows. More to come, stay tuned ;)

Leaving you with some videos that make me nostalgic of those good 'ol days.


  1. Yeah, you'll be much better off in Telon or Norrath.

    Azeroth just isnt what it used to be.

  2. Yep, you got that right :(

    I am leaning towards Tealon, I may spend time in both of those for the holiday though.

  3. The people that make up the game are the greatest source of trouble for WoW right now. Botched xpack be darned, it's the friggin' "go-go-go," "lawl," and "even though I clearly messed up, I'm going to blame you before pulling a pack and leaving group" kiddies are frying this game alive on a spit.

    Blizz can fix the mess ups eventually. The community itself? Not so much. I think WoWhead even posted a few months back that more people play WoW now that never played it before. That is, all the old timers have moved on. Then again they loves them sensationalized posts, but still I can see the point.

    There is an amazingly high amount of fail in groups. Has been this way since 3.3. I've been told I'm too harsh on DPS (as I only tank or heal in groups for faster queues) Well, how is that just my problem? I do a lot of runs with a lot of people. That just means I gotta bigger pool to draw from. These morons have been playing a long time now, maybe people are just now starting to notice? Be it less time in raids or merely more of a focus on 5 mans, but these people have been here a LONG time.

    I will give you credit on your longing for Old School WoW. Back then the 'tards got blacklisted and were easily avoided. Now... complete opposite. "Duh, I was kicked for pulling those two extra packs and needing and item not meant for my spec. I'll just requeue in five minutes..."

    While your time in WoW currently grows short, might I remind ya Halloween is starting up? Tomorrow night at 4am, though I think that is when the servers are brought down, so TuesDAY it should be good to go. I'm hoping to get a laughing helm on muh warrior, but I dunno what level we'll need to be to enter. Hoping 81 as that is still in reach ^_^

  4. I think if the population decreases it would do some good for the game. I remember people you stayed away from in Vanilla, even in Everquest we had the 'Shitlist'. You acted like a jerk, you didn't get groups. You valued your reputation. There is no reason for people to care when there are no consequences on their actions may it be stupid or abusive.

    Yes, while I have enjoyed the dungeon finder, at times, I have also had enough of the abuse it has brought with it. It isn't the games fault solely, people don't have to act like that. But it will always be that way, some people will never act like adults unless policed, sadly.

    I might poke in for Halloween since I still have a few days left. At this point I just have lost all zeal for logging in. I was loving my new little tank too. I just lost heart :(

    I hope you get your helm! Those runs are fun since they are quite fast and easy.

  5. I think WoW is still a great community, but hopping into the LFD is a tossup since you never know what to expect. The main reason is there isn't any accountability, and Blizzard has made it extremely hard to kick those who thrive on ruining someone experience.

    The best thing to do, I've found, is to make friends on your realm. Although you might not get the rewards by queueing for a random, you know what to expect. I love PUGs, and still run them. However when I don't feel like tossing myself into the unknown on one of my healers or tanks, I group with guildmates/realm buddies.

    Surprisingly I'm still playing Alliance, and that's mainly because of the great community I've found on Ysera. Two of my Alliance toons are in a very social guild, 968 members whereas my others (where I'm an officer) numbers are around 94.

    Although there's a noticeable size difference, both guilds have some amazing people. Occasionally I encounter some of them in LFD, other times I get the trolls.

  6. I've played on this server since release and most of my friends have left. I have seen so many come and go.

    I find sending someone a friendly tell about a quest they may be on or helping with a holiday achievement, well most people simply ignore you. I have gone out of my way to try and I'd say 99.9% ignore a friendly tell.

    It is the mentality and lack of accountability/ needing other people that has made the community worse IMO. Then again I don't care to go the extra mile at this point either.

    I still think the game is great, it just leaves too much room for people to not need to make friends and network with other players- outside of raiding.




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