Friday, October 14, 2011

Nights of The Dead (EQ2)

Nothing like holiday events to bring me back to EQ2. I decided to pop in with my little fury (on the EQ2X server) to participate in the events this year. Plus, the instances are real fun to run for items and would be great xp for her, she has gotten almost three levels so far. I say this every [EQ2] holiday event but it means a lot to me- I love that the EQ2 events are there for all levels and scale. Except maybe the Headless Horseman... Which is quite a lot of content even without him so I can't complain.

EQ2 is probably one of, if not the, most fun events in any mmo I play when it comes to Halloween. I just adore the events in EQ2, lots of crafting items added each year and more content on top of that, each year, from new quests to new and fun appearance and house items. So, I just couldn't resist picking it back up for the holiday!

I've not completed all of the events yet I am just working on the few in Nec Forest. I want to gather several more items from those quests before I move on to other activities. There was a new instanced quest added, it was very interesting. Sort of like a defense game, getting zombies to chase you, the actually walked- which I loved- and what you did was pull them to, strategically placed, attacking plants which killed them. It was a lot of fun and I was excited to see something new and fresh added! The rewards were neat, I picked a snazzy new cloak with a cloud particle effect on it.

I have been waiting since the Christmas holidays for Nights of The Dead to come around, my Freeblood Estate needs several spooky touches to it still! I plan on crafting a large amount of house items from this event because I am thinking of turning another house of mine, which is empty, into a haunted maze. I'll see if I have the time!

There was a new mount added and it requires a lot of candy, which is also used by crafting recipes. I really want to get it but I'm not sure if I will. It looks pretty creepy! I probably will try to go after it, I did the Valentine mount and was glad I did.

I can't wait for Halloween to hit WoW and Freerealms, my two other faves when it comes to holidays. Lots of fun stuff to do this month, exciting! What is your favorite in-game holiday event? NoTD wiki on Zam.


  1. I tried the "Survive the Night" quest last night, it's the one where you save the grand-daughter from zombies, strange bug in there though...all my combat skills were blacked-out (like when you get mezzed) each skill would say "usable in 49 days and 17 hours" ...I was like "What the heck.." anyway I had to hit each skill for it to finally light-up...very strange! Cool cloak reward!

  2. Anything Halloweeny for sure. I love this time of year. Bought my first pumpkin of the autumn yesterday to make a cake with.

  3. Hiya Kaozz,
    It looks like. What types of Halloween events does EQ2 have? Does last the entire month of October?

    Yeah Hallows End is my favorite time of year in WoW. I haven't played in a few weeks, so much gong on with work -- and my free time has been spent card making.

    While making cards I thought of you, ever thought of selling digi-stamps. They seem to be all the rage for scrapbookers/card makers. ;)

  4. @Boon- That is odd. It took me a few to figure that one out. I realized I should have set up the plants ahead of time but it was too late. It was fun, wish I could have done it again I really liked that one a lot. That Dolly was mean!

    @Erinys- I do too! Oh pumpkin cake sounds Delicious!!

    @Opal- Heyas! EQ2 has several instances you can solo run, I just love them. They have a lot of quests and it is nice because they add more each year and you can solo the majority and do it in your own time. It lasts until Nov 7th, so it is a nice long event unlike some other games.

    I forgot to put a link to the wiki, adding that now :D

    Hrmm, never thought about that. I'll have to check those out. Card making sounds like a lot of fun, I bet you're enjoying it!

  5. Thanks for the head's up on this event! I'm newish to EQ2X and hadn't done anything for this event before. Just did the There Will Be Ghosts quest (mansion one) and it was pretty tough but great fun!

    I'd agree wholeheartedly that EQ2 events are great fun.

  6. Yes, lots of fun stuff to do, probably my favorite time to play because there is SO much to do! The mansion quests are pretty fun, confusing at first.




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