Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If You Can't Beat Em'... Join Em'!

Mostly everyone is talking about the SWTOR release date. I do want to play but currently if I end up doing a pre-order, it will be for my son for Christmas, he really wants to play. I'm thinking about going ahead and getting it out of the way. I'm glad to hear there is a release date though and I will play it at some point. It isn't that I don't want to play it, I'm just not that hyped still, but it might bite me hard at the last moment much like Rift and Aion did- However, after the initial burst of fun, those games just didn't hold me and I really don't want to get caught into that web again. The companion video out is very enticing, I do have to admit that! If you haven't seen it, very much worth checking out.

Right now I'm actually enjoying what I'm doing. I know this summer has felt sort of stagnant for a lot of people and it would have been nice to of seen some fresh games, but I've been enjoying myself. I think the wrap up of this year will be full of lots of interesting options. SWTOR is due out, EQ and EQ2 have expansions that will release and I'm looking forward to 4.3 in WoW.

I'm really enjoying WoW again and I can say my time away really gave me an appreciation for it again. Playing other games sometimes makes you appreciate certain aspects. I have a lot to keep me busy, working on my daily quests, trying for the Brewfest achievement (just two left!) and doing other things as they pop up. Also I have been working on a few achievements and drops in older dungeons. So, things are pretty entertaining and I haven't really begun to even do five mans again, though I have gotten some upgrades which now enable me to do the new troll heroics! My dps is better than I had anticipated, I am beast spec and I really enjoy it, nothing really impressive but not as bad as I had anticipated, as far as dps goes.

I managed to get the Brewfest kodo mount, very happy about that as I have wanted it on Clo for awhile. I also nabbed the giant sewer rat in Dalaran, and the achievement, in under five minutes of fishing there. Talk about luck! Not all of my achievement hunting has gone so smoothly but it is always great when luck goes your way.

I've been talking to some people I haven't spoken to in awhile and it is always so nice to touch base again and be able to talk to them on a regular basis within the game. With RealID I can stay in touch with other bloggers and friends on different servers or even the other faction and I really appreciate the tool. I don't like how it works with names as it can be immersion breaking but nothing is perfect.

The other night I was wanting to solo some stuff in Kara and I told Dire that I needed a raid group but I didn't want to bother anyone to help me create a raid, wishing I had him to log in to help me create a raid. He actually told me he was thinking about playing too, which surprised me. I guess he saw how much fun I was having and decided to jump back in ;) If you can't beat em' join em', right? I'm happy he is playing again and he is working on his hunter alt, which is 78 at the moment. He seems to be excited to be back again and it is always nice to have someone to play with on a regular basis!

It seems Everquest is on hold for now, since we are both playing WoW. I wouldn't say he was bored, I tend to get a tad bored especially when I end up soloing a lot. I think the economy and having to leave the computer on for hours and hours while trying to sell items, and sometimes not having much luck, it just all started to wear on him. I really think an offline trader mode would benefit a lot of players everyone who plays. It has said to be in the works but for now it is still an inconvenience to us to try to sell items. My son likes to hop on my computer sometimes to play games I have on here and that means logging a trader out, or maybe I want to do something else, another game or program. There goes my trader mode. Just not something I want to deal with right now. We'll return to Norrath again, it was nice being back and spending time with Dire there.

So that wraps it up for me. Waiting for fall to hit us here in Houston. The leaves are turning brown and falling from trees, it just gets so dry that they just die and fall off the trees about mid summer, not much of an autumn for us. Smelling smoke in the distance reminds me of fall bonfires but here it has been wildfires... Which is very scary that they are so close we can smell the smoke. It is still sweltering... Come on October, bring us some cool relief! Have a great week everyone, hope you're all enjoying a nicer fall than we are currently!


  1. Yes, all of that is very nice.

    Where the hell do get a turtle on fire?!?

  2. Ty!

    The turtle, it comes from Hyjal.... let me check petopia for the link ;)


    Took awhile to finally find him up, he was perma-camped on my server for ages- but he is one of my faves!




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