Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Digital Jobs And Houses

One of the coolest places I've seen in SL, from a distance.

In Everquest I have been such a lazy arse... I have so little to go with finishing up my epic 1.5 and I haven't really felt like it much. Dire has been playing his rogue alt, so it has been pretty much solo time for me, which sort of bores me lately, I prefer a duo any day of the week in Everquest.

I'm going to try to get on there tonight and finish it up. I have been playing on and off in the evenings but the drops are not going my way- STILL. I finished up the last part I was complaining about in my previous post about it, well I didn't really, I came in the other night and saw my son on my computer. I heard Everquest sounds (some games you just know the sounds by heart!) and asked him why he was playing, he hasn't shown an interest in awhile. He and Dire had finished up that part, after a server reset,  it was so cool of them!

Trying to do something relaxing, the other night I went to pick out a house plot and I must have chosen a guild neighborhood because it wouldn't let me purchase it. So, I just got huffy and logged. As it stands, I still need to grab my magician a plot and house. I suppose it gives me something to look forward to for another day. I had such a lovely plot picked out though!

In other news, I am thinking about subscribing to WoW this week. I don't know why but I find myself missing it. I have such an urge to play. I just want to putter around with stuff on my hunter and work on leveling the new(ish) priest or another alt. I think the idea of farming appearance gear has something to do with it. I really want to farm some stuff for the hunter!

Speaking of WoW, I met a couple of people who play it, in Second Life. I don't really talk to many people but these two are very nice and I told them to come to Silvermoon, they are very casual and want to start over so it would be cool if they started there!

Second Life is still enjoyable. At times I get frustrated with the loading times but there is always something new to check out, some freebie to check out, a hunt to chase down and so on. Dire hates the game but I use it as a creative outlet and a fun pastime for something extremely casual.

Out of the blue I had someone ask if I wanted to dance in their club yesterday. As you can have jobs in Second Life, some people seek employment for in-game currency, I never have but I have seen wanted ads around, mostly for dancers in clubs. I was just curious and asked them about it, but then I was told it was a stripper job it killed my curiosity. I'm not really interested in going in that direction with my games or having to dedicate set time blocks for digital stripping, heh. It was flattering in a way.

Mostly, I enjoy spending my time helping Twig and try not to lose patience with her! You always think that you will have more patience to a complete newbie, who has never gamed, but when you answer a question for the umpteenth time... sometimes it is hard- BUT I keep in mind she won't always be a newbie, we all have to start somewhere. I don't want to scare her off from the game by biting her head off. I try to remember what a newb I was.

I also help random newbies sometimes too, I have had a few coming up to me asking questions so I try to point them in the right direction on where to go or how to acquire things to start with. I can't ever resist helping people in my games. I haven't played the game for too long but I've learned quite a lot as I tend to read up on games I play and seek out answers to my questions.

There are also hunts to go on, which can be real fun. I had the chance to go on the Mother Dragon hunt which was pretty cute, traveling through a maze, lava, and finally to the cave with the mother dragon all the while collecting armor and the final reward was a nice dragon vehicle/mount that attaches to you (pictured below). Almost like doing a quest, sort of different though, but fun!

So, that is it for me, trying to not get a digital job but trying to find a digital house! What do you think about jobs within a game? Or houses for that matter? Is it too much simulation or do you enjoy having the option?Anyhow, just poking in here to dust off the pages and share some current thoughts. Leaving some pretty pictures behind- Hope everyone has a great week!

I heart zombies.

Twig and I visit Egypt. 

Mother Dragon armor and mount. 


Visiting some friends.

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