Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Dabbles

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend! We had a nice BBQ with family but this year the holiday felt odd. No sounds of fireworks in the distance, no beautiful lights filling the sky. It has been too dry here in Houston, thus no fireworks for us this year. Hot and dry, very hot.

Over the weekend I dabbled in a few games. I wanted to get another feel for AoC, it has been two summers ago that I first started this blog and AoC was one of my first games I wrote about. I really enjoyed it but one of the biggest problems was once leaving Tortage the performance went down the drain. Some of the cities are quite massive with tons of textures to load. Since then the game has had some things touched up, helping with performance on many machines, plus I am using a better machine this time. It runs well and looks beautiful this time around!

I really like the world of Hyboria. I wanted to jump back in on my Necromancer and continue advancing with her, picking off where I left off two years ago. Over the weekend I gained three levels and it seemed to just fly by, I fell back into place even joined a guild. The class is different than any other pet class I have played and so it takes some thought. I also can die easily if I don't think things through and I am still learning as I go. I have one lifetap spell and another spell to drain life from my minions which has saved my tail many times, especially when running away, heh.

From what I understand subscribers get the expansion included, which makes me consider subbing. Offline levels would be nice too. I am tempted to sub, I am still thinking on it. I do think it holds a lot of promise for something to stick with. Plus there have been some solo dungeons added, I like that.

I didn't do too much in Champions Online. My playtime was pretty low for gaming this weekend but I managed to hop on last night, before bed, and try the new aftershock issue again. I couldn't kill the mobs fast enough before the black wall of nothing started licking at my heels, eating up the whole zone, and me, if I didn't move! I hate rushing so once again I didn't enjoy this mission. I skipped a lot of mobs, ran to the end and killed the last boss. I didn't know he was the last boss, so I was surprised when the cuts scene told me it was to be continued. On a good note hideouts are out tomorrow! I am so excited! Plus a new issue maybe? Should be a good day for CO.

I really blew my seven days free in WoW, I didn't realize it was almost over, today being the last day. Everyone is just showing off shiny epics standing around. I want housing or appearance slots and WoW seems so 'small minded' when I compare it to many of my other games that offer fun stuff that ties you in. I just think I'd have more fun level locking a class at a level bracket I enjoy more than end game. I played on a few alts and think I enjoyed that the most.

EQ2 had some festivities going and I logged in to check these out on EQ2X. Some really cool fireworks (for housing  and a free sparkler in the cash shop. I had hoped for some double xp in EQ2 and Vanguard this weekend but I suppose it didn't happen after all.

I also had a little time to check into Vanguard briefly. While the levels go slowly I enjoy the world and the questing. I still have time on my account and I want to pick it back up. I have gotten sort of slack with it, but I have also done so with many other games. I blame it on all this F2P allure! I'd love to play Vanguard on a regular basis if I could get Dire to play it with me. He sort of drifted away from it after a very brief time. Like a flame his interest burned bright and sort of snuffed out rather quickly. I think he should have given it more of a chance. Some huge hiccups on the server really aggravated him, the game does have a bit of server lag, at times.

Speaking of Dire, he is once again looking for a MMO to play again. He has been playing a lot of golf and I think he misses playing a game with me. I did play golf with him yesterday and now he is considering what MMO to play with me. I am very open to many so I try to let him pick something he can stick with. He is considering EQ2 or WoW. So we will see if he does go back to an MMO. I want something we can duo in regardless of levels. EQ2 or CO would be the best bet but I don't see him playing CO. I would go back to WoW with him, I missed it a lot last week, but I'd prefer to do something new this time around.

So, just looking for something to draw me in till endgame and then some. Sort of just playing what I'm in the mood for day to day. I'd like to give some more thoughts on AoC but I need to spend more time adventuring before I do so. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!



  1. Aww, that free week always goes too quick! You were looking forward to the new stuffs, too. At least ya got a new haircut! And the Misses just got the pet balloon, so it seems they added that in already ^_^ (Was semi-related to the darkmoon fair, so it might only exist during that time. Super easy quest and pet to get though, and funny when you turn it in)

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Hey, which server are you on in AoC?

    Yeah and if you haven't been back for a while, there are a lot of changes and new surprises. I just hope they fixed any technical issues, because that was the only reason I had to stop playing after the expansion came out :\

  3. I have a couple of toons on Set myself. Haven't played much since the f2p conversion but I want to soon. I'm actually thinking of looking for some game cards retail because they are super cheap or maybe just subbing for a year who knows.

    BTW, your Necro has some....well....

  4. @MMOGC I'm on Set. Still a good bit to take in but I am enjoying it so far on FTP. It seems to run very well these days, I am on a better computer but it still feels much smoother.

    @Jayedub- Lol. There is actually a cash shop item to make them (temporarily) bigger... not like she needs that. It is hard to tell just how big they are in the character creation, I musta slid it a bit far.

    I wish it was like Vanguard where I could fix it. Had the same problem there and RoM but at least I could 'correct' it in VG, lol.




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