Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Access

Yesterday Dire and I were trying to decide which MMO to play together. We wanted something we could be casual in. I wanted something with mentoring (no person left behind!), fluff and fun stuff to dabble around in too. This narrowed down to AoC, EQ2 and CO. We considered WoW but we both agreed we're tired of constant meter spam, gear score and basically the competitive/elitist additudes overrunning the game. Not to say we don't enjoy WoW, we're just tired of some aspects and need breathing room in a laid back environment.

So, we ended up deciding on EQ2. Travel is quick and painless, the community is decent and we can group even if we have a huge level gap. Dire was very excited about the new mount speed (130%), he zoomed around on his mount. I decided to start us off with something very laid back, to get him back into the swing of things. I've been [semi] gone but I still pop into EQ2X quite often, (he wanted to play on the live server where his 68 SK is) so I have to refresh him on a few things but he did very well.

We headed out to Tenebrous Tangle to do the quest for the glider mounts and it was quick and easy at our levels. This mount has to be tweaked a bit because the controls are quite horrible. I read on the forums, yesterday, they will be tweaking them to not be so sensitive to turning. They are really hard to control sometimes. Quite nice to look at though! Tonight we will work on the leaper mounts in Butcher Block. Those are far easier to control and I like the stability they offer. I can pretty much steer them where I want to land. I will be very glad to get my first flying mount though, in three levels. That is my new goal!

My EQ2 account had lapsed so I decided to reactivate with the SOE All Access plan. That way I could continue my adventures in Vanguard. I mean it is only a couple more bucks really and I can mess around with EQ also, a deal I can't pass up! I really have a soft spot for VG. The thing is, my EQ2 account which was activated, (this station account, I have three) was the one with my EQ2 character I wanted to play but my VG cleric is on another (and my EQ main on, yet, another). I decided to re-make some characters on this account for VG, currently I am playing a necromancer.

EQ2 is the main staple but I think VG will be a contender for my time! I'm really enjoying the class. I suppose it really reminds me of the necromancer I played in Everquest. My first class in an MMO. It is fragile and I have to be really careful, a big change from the cleric. I will probably make another cleric too because I really love the class.

So, wish me luck at keeping the Mr. entertained with EQ2. It is always so nice to have someone to play with on a regular basis. Safe adventures all!



  1. I did the Station Access a couple weeks ago myself so I may hit you up for some info at some point. There's so much content that I feel overwhelmed at times.

    I decided to create a Ratonga Swash on Antonia Bayle just to get a fresh start.

  2. Sounds good. Yeah it is a lot to take in, I think sometimes it can scare people off. I'd be happy to help you out if you feel a bit lost :D

    We play on CB but my name is Nyomi if you ever want to shoot me a cross server tell you're welcome to :D

    Also check out my EQ2 crash course, it is pretty much up to date, I have to touch it up every few months. Getting about time to do that again!

  3. Awesome, I'll check that out. I can't believe I haven't already when I know it's there, oh well.




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