Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, Catching Up

Greetings! I've been a bit lazy with posting lately, probably due to getting up at four am and being too tired to bother, somedays. I decided to start over with Fable 3, this time I am backing up all of my saves. So far I haven't had to use them. I've also been quite evil in this play through. Sometimes I do feel a bit bad about killing chickens or *cough* my husband (he wouldn't stop his blasted screaming every time I came around!).

I have noticed that I've gotten some cool bonuses, like 30% damage boost against humanoids. I received this after killing many, many people and guards. But hey, it was something new. I'm having fun and the game isn't feeling like something I just did. I'm trying to do more side quests and not blow through it all. I also got a bonus hunting lodge (personal housing) and boxer dog potion, free extra content, which I missed checking out last time. I love it!

I've also been playing a bit of WoW. Right now it's about all I've had time for. I managed to hit 70 with my priest alt. I finally grabbed the heirloom cloak and head for her, I think I'll use it on a mage next. I still want to grab two more items for another alt, before long. Dire helped me out with some epic flying money so I am working on saving up to pay him back. I hate owing people monies!

I really wish 4.2 would hurry up. I suppose they are busy working on things like new character emotes... did you hear about the new roar sounds? Seriously? We really needed these, after all these years? I will say the worgen male is the best. I saw on WCHU that there are new rare (hunter) pets with the patch, exciting! I won't complain about that.

Besides this, I'm sort of on an RPG kick. I plan on playing DA2 some, soon. I'm still wanting to get my fill of Fable 3, I so wish the second (Fable) was on the PC as I never had the chance to play. I'm also playing Faery, Legends of Avalon. I've not gotten very far but it looks like a really cute RPG. More on this after I play through it. I'm also working on Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, which received some bad reviews, but it is not bad for a 14$ game. Plus there is co-op play which is something appealing to me.

I also hear that Cryptic is being bought by PWE. I say good. I play several PWE games and I currently play zero Cryptic games. So, I think they could have a positive impact on the company. I think PWE has some of the best FTP games out, I never feel that I need to pay for anything to advance, no extra content to buy and so on. I do use the cash shop but mainly for fluff items. I'm looking forward to see how things turn out.

Last day of school for my son, he's excited and has done excellent on his testing. Very proud of him! Let summer begin! So, that's it for me today, safe adventures all.


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  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Ooo, I was thinking about snagging that Faery one for the Misses. Keep me posted on that one!

    Oy, those roars are... wow. The Horde ones sound pretty good. At least :D The human male sounds like they re-used one of the words he said in a joke and just stretched it out, terribly. Dranei and BE females don't have one! I honestly think (hope) most of those are only the first pass at the rough draft of an actual roar. But Horde-side seems far more polished, so that's a start ^_^




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