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Fable III Review

I had intended to do a very upbeat Fable 3 (PC), review, considering I beat the game. However, this morning my saved game is gone, roughly 30 hours down the drain. My character is gone. As you can imagine, I'm pretty miffed. I still had so much I wanted to do. I've researched it and it is something that has happened to many others, except... My game NEVER crashed, not once.

Since I'm not wanting to jump back in right away, even if I planned on making a new character soon to play it again, I'm scared of losing that one too, I'll go over some good and bad, this being the worst thing any RPG can have happen. I hope this is fixed soon with an update. I do want to say- I loved this game, that's why I am so upset. It is a fantastic RPG game.

*Spoilers INC*

Even after this BS happening, I would have to say it is now my favorite RPG. I still haven't played DA2, so we'll see what happens when I do. The setting and world is lovely, it's very enticing. You can explore and find treasures around the world, buy property and houses, rent them out to make a small fortune, buy businesses, have relationships with the many people of Albion. It is all very in depth. For each person in the game you can complete a quest to gain a friendship, which adds to the game play.
Things I recommend doing.
Pick a profession and skill it up with Road to Rule (best to stick to one instead of squandering points until you get everything unlocked that you want- first). You can make lots of money this way, making pies,  preforming with the lute and blacksmithing. I chose pie making. That's one helluva pie!

Buy up houses and rent them out, keep them repaired. Do this before you take on the throne. I'd say, when in the sewers and asked if there is anything left that you need to attend to, make sure you've got some money incoming.

Make choices quickly or the game makes them for you. Sadly, this happened to me twice. I wanted to do the 'good' thing but sometimes the bad seemed much more fun. Next time around I'm picking whatever is fun. Most choices won't really change your direction in an absolute way but there are a few, such as your childhood sweetheart. Make sure you pick them if you really want to see them again! Killing the people has no negative impact on the game. It could change your course a tad but as I said no negative impact.

Being good is fun but being bad seems just easier, though that will be my next path probably, making more 'bad' choices just to see the results. Being good is also much harder sometimes, annoying problems popping up and making a good based choice can lead to harsher problems.

Things I loved within the game.
I loved that you could use magic, melee and guns. I used all three, depending on the situation. You'll need to focus on one more than the others, unless you do a lot of side quest for guild points. Unless you gain a lot of points frequently.

You can wear whatever you want and dye it, you can also mix and match sets and save up to three. I like the freedom of this. Pink outfits, woo! I also liked how you could decorate houses, I had planned on this but never got  far, always busy with other things. I will next time.

I liked the characters and story. I never played the other two Fable games, while I watched my son, I didn't ever bother (I am thinking about doing so though). You don't feel like you're missing something just because you didn't. If you did, you'll notice little things in the game. My brother and son pointed these out to me. I like how the people in the game react to you, it is endearing. I loved my butler, he was one cool dude. And, last but not least, I loved my dog. He was very helpful of a companion!

The humor was great, the world was open and the game felt vast and exciting- I could go on and on about how much I loved this game.

Things that I didn't love so much.
I know some people may complain about combat and the lack of complexity in combat. It really isn't horrible. You get use to it. However, long fights and bunches of mobs can, at times, grow boring due to lack of options. My arm starts to hurt from all the freaking clicking (AUTO ATTACK OPTION PLEASE) and power ups on top of that. I've seen worse so I can't say it's the worst system. Not the best either.

If you don't chose your childhood sweetheart as a romance option (especially for a female char) you're out of luck as every other person wandering the world is goofy and annoying, enough to the point of not wanting to see them very often. Not so much for female NPCs as the males counterparts. There definitely are not plenty of fish in the sea, lol.

You should be able to wear every hair/clothing item in the game. Period. While the options are great, there is not much of a variety in female hairstyles. There is for the female NPCs, lucky them.

Ok, mostly small things that bothered me.And ... well... you know. The whole I LOST MY FREAKING CHARACTER... thing.

What else does Fable III offer?
There is a great quest system. You can manage this in the map. You can pick which quest to show up as the current quest. You can also repair all your houses using the map. There is a repair all option, this helps a lot. Map travel is great too and, of course, the map room where you can enter different rooms for armor, saves, accept gifts, interact with your pets and weapons, trophies and so on.

The game doesn't offer intricate tactical fights. If you're looking for that, go elsewhere. I wasn't, I like beating things up and moving on. There are impressive kill moves, many can be random but still enough to make you feel heroic and badass. Nothing like stabbing someone in the face to make you feel on top of the world or breaking someones neck with your thighs... RAHHHH!

Oh, yeah! And, for people who like multilayer, you can play with friends. You can also marry and romance them, take things home from their world and so on. It was something that really appealed to me.

Dying isn't severe, some may not like that option but it really was pretty nice sometimes, like when I was at my wits end with a long fight.

And... 3D. You can play in 3D. I'd like to know WHO the hell plays in 3D? I hated having this option and never found if you could turn it off, at times in cut scenes, the characters had trails. It was annoying sometimes, to the point of blurring.

Your character also changes due to what type of fighting you use. You gain taller if you use magic and more bulky if you use melee and you also gain scars from melee too. I used a lot of magic and melee but for some reason I ended up very tall. I towered over most of the characters in the game, some of them even pointed that out to me.

If you notice in the pictures, weapons do change, according to what you do, this does have a bit to do with how it looks. A very nice option. Also, you may not think tattoos are very cool at first, but with this game they tend to change color as you progress through the game. Pictured at the very top, you can see how mine glowed blue.

While I am a bit angry that I lost my game, I eagerly await my next play-through.  It was a game that will stick with me for a long time. And yes.. I am a screenshot freak!



  1. I was so excited to play Fable III when it came out because I loved Fable II...but I don't know, for some reason I never got into it. For better or worse, I thought it felt too similar to Fable II. I never got to finish my playthrough, couldn't find the motivation to do it. Perhaps one day I'll pick it up again.

    Anyway, sucks that you lost your save :(

  2. I never played the other two, only watched my son, so it was pretty fresh for me. I plan on trying the others, in time to see the storyline for myself.




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