Friday, June 17, 2011

Disco- Superhero Style (CO)

Last night I saw an email from Champions Online sitting in my box. I often get many updates about games in my email, sometimes I click on them just to see if they are offering anything new or interesting. For some reason the Champions Online email looked interesting so I clicked on it. It seems this weekend is offering a fun boost. A fun adventure I can solo or group through and some other stuff.

I've not played Champions since release, I felt underwhelmed and really disliked the starting area. Meh, why did I click that email, I just had to get curious how the game is since going free to play! I've been wondering for some time, honestly. I actually had the CD sitting on my desk, one of the kitties knocked it over while plundering my desk. I figured I may as well install it and check out the 'new' FTP Champions- Free For All.

I thought it would take much longer to patch after using my CD to install the game but it only took a few minutes and I was ready to go. I also figured that my options for creating a character would be much slimmer than before. I was pleasantly surprised, even with some of the costume pieces locked away behind gold or cash shop unlocks, I still had so much to work with on building my new character. I could have started with the old one, converted her to a free character but I didn't care to do this. Well, I actually did convert her but she didn't seem as enticing this time around, looks wise I wanted something a little different.

The starting area is still the same, the tutorial area. I actually died a few times due to rubber banding and some stupid moves on my part. No big deal, got through the annoying quests and was sent to Millennium City. These quests didn't seem so bland and I liked this area better than the 'Canada' setting, nothing against Canada but the area was so blah. I'd be insulted if I were Canadian! Yeah, it was that bad.

A lot of abilities are locked behind gold memberships or packs. One thing I do like is just having a class set with abilities already set, so being silver isn't a big deal to me. I'm one of those people that will pick the coolest things and end up hating my build, lol. I like some guidance so I don't have to pour over specs and such. Moar time to play!

Travel abilities are limited too. If I were to play on a regular basis I'd probably just buy an unlock for one I liked the best, they even added a few new cool ones. There are some cool things in the cash shop, plenty of stuff to drool over. I had 400 points, not sure where they came from, so I unlocked a pack to remake a character with. It had cute pigtails! I also had a pre-order claim that makes my head glow... woo! I have 100 points now, I suspect from completing perks. Similar to the Turbine way of gaining some extra cash shop credits. Yum!

I got to see some things I didn't last time. My favorite was the club in Millennium City. I danced for awhile because the flashing, swirly lights and pulsing music had me mesmerized. Every game needs a dance floor with techno and flashing lights!! Superhero disco FTW!

Combat wasn't much different but I actually enjoyed myself. I like that I can pop in for a bit and get a few things done and not have to take forever to do just that. I chose a flying travel power, I love flying around swooping down and soaring above the landscape. There are many fun abilities but nothing tops flying in my book!


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