Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Poor Tut, not feeling so well here :(

Meh, blogger has been acting funny today upon trying to login. A simple clearing of the cache and cookies fixes it though. Anyhow, I had a pretty busy weekend and really didn't get to play much of anything. My little Tut kitty started acting mopey on Friday and by Sunday I had decided he needed to go to the vet. I was very worried and upset because he was so sickly acting. He was not eating, I was thinking he had a temp (which the vet said he had a 103 temp, normal for cats is around 100) and he was very lethargic and was crying when picked up. He had a respiratory infection and was very dehydrated. But my kitty is much, much better today! I've been having to give him meds twice a day too. He's now happily purring in my lap :)

Then on Saturday the building next to ours caught fire. I think a total of six apartments were ruined (at least 12 vacated) and it spread across the roof, we were very worried it might spread to ours. So we spent quite awhile outside to see what was happening. Then after that the power was out for awhile, I suppose for the fire dept to do some stuff.

So, as you can see just a lot going on! Plus some other things and I was so tired by Monday! I've been reading a lot too. I got a hold of some really good books recently and it is nice not to be reading them on the phone for a change. I love to read on my phone but sometimes it feels as if I am always looking at a screen!

I am wanting to tone down things on hopping around in my games. I am considering finishing my trek to 90 on the Inquisitor, in EQ2. I'll definitely keep RoM on the side, I enjoy that game a lot. However, EQ2 really covers my fluff cravings well and it would be nice to hit 90.

I think my Rift account expired last week. WoW will be expiring this week or next, I think. I am just not feeling Rift now but I love how they are having free server transfers. Smooth move without making the company looking like it is floundering while trying to set an example. I give them props for the smart move. I surely wish EQ2 and WoW didn't charge for transfers.

So, with WoW I am just waiting around for the next patch to hit and until then I figure I'll mess around with something else, I have free time on EQ2 and I may as well utilize it. I considered EQ, which I still may play since I have the free time, but it takes awhile to get set up sometime and that isn't something I really feel up to. Plus I tend to get bored when I solo, sometimes. Dire had been playing it a bit but we could never find a good time to meet up together in game. Either he or I being busy when the other was playing.

So, that's it for today. Have a great week peeps!


  1. That's some scary stuff about the fire. I hope no one was hurt and that the property damage wasn't too bad. Good to hear you're all right and that kitty is too!

    And yeah, blogger is still kind of wonky. OpenID is acting up for me again.

  2. Zomg... glad you're allright. Had a fire close to me too once and it was freaky.

  3. @ MMOGC- Thanks! Yeah I wish Blogger would stop being so finicky!

    @ Lono- Thanks! Thank God it didn't move this way!

  4. Aw, sorry for the kitty! Our dog was messed up this week as well. Randomly shaking and whining, unable to jump up on the couch and going very slow up and down steps. Vet says it was a slipped disk or something swollen, got him on meds now. Do need to post a pic of him, he looks just like Falcor when he's freshly shaven ^_^

    Our apartment almost went up in Chicago, so I know the feelin'. Not good, to say the least :( Glad all is well, though! That stuff is scary!

    I've been on wow pretty often this week with my bud doing pvp. I'z can do heroics now! Nearly even the new troll ones, which is nice. As far as 4.2 goes, I think that is going to be October/Novemeberish. Saw that in 4.2 they were adding the WoW anniversary achievement for this year, and that should be in Oct or Nov, so yeah :(

  5. Hope your dogie feels better soon! Sorry to hear about your apt, it is scary, living around so many people, you sometimes worry who is living in your building. Carelessness of one person can ruin a lot for others :(

    I finally hit Wrath with the priest so I plan on trying to get her through those zones as fast as I can but sometimes I just don't feel up to doing the same content over... AGAIN!

    I'm waiting on 4.2 but it just seems they keep tweaking things on and on. I check MMO-Champ and it is more and more tweaks. Sometimes when you do some many touch ups things start to lose clarity. I surely hope it isn't Oct or Nov because I'll probably cancel my account until then just for lack of interesting things to do, we'll see I suppose.




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