Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nomadic Gaming

I probably have too many games I am interested in now. WoW, RoM, EQ, EQ2(X), ESO, The Sims Medieval... Still wanting to log into Vanguard soon and my son has been wanting me to play Minecraft too. I still want to check out DA2 which is sitting on my computer unplayed as well as Portal 2 (which my son plays). Then Fable 3 is out.... I've been dying to play this for PC since I saw it on the 360. So, I just play a little of this and that. I can't complain, too much good stuff is better than not enough interesting things to play. Plus, I have a friend going back to WoW and wanting us to play with him more.

In EQ2 they have all the city festivals going (all the loot can be found on all the vendors, making it easier to do the quests without too much travel). The Ether Races are here again... Which I still have to do. I've been trying to get the Moonlight Enchantment stuff and the festival items first. I used a few things to cure my housing cravings yesterday. I'll show you my 'gingerbread' house, which is still a work in progress. Just a little, small building I built 'outside' my house.

In EQ I have not had such a glorious return. Isn't it always like that for me, lol?! I've solo'd some here and there, but every time I go to group with Dire... well I died the first time and he died the second. Then by the time we get rezzed or try to go somewhere else we end up logging off due to the time or something in real life. Dire has been playing it more than I. He's enjoying it a lot.

On top of that, my rogue's house is gone, along with her plots. I logged in to receive eviction boxes. I thought they added time to the housing? I wasn't too pleased about this and just said 'screw it'. I might work on the housing, again next week. I spent a lot of time on my plots and I'm not happy about having to buy them again... I suppose it's an excuse to play with housing more. Plus my beastlord needs a new house on this server!

Minecraft. My son loves, loves, loves this game. I am going to have to start playing it with him more. He wanted to show me some stuff people made on the classic-server games you can log into. There were some really fantastic places! Just showing off a couple of screenshots from our travels. The creative/builder part of me really would fit in here, I think.

I started playing Ether Saga Online again too... I am on like a binge with free games this month. However, this one is really cute, gorgeous graphics and characters, fun to play and laid back. I played it years ago and wanted to pick up on it again. It has a really great pet system too.  I am making my way through the game again as it has had a revamp in April, so it has been pretty fun, thus far! Just showing off some cute shots.

For now I'm a bit nomadic, but enjoying it all!


  1. Wow, how do you keep track of it all? I thought I had video game ADD, but you definitely make me look tame! Well, I hope you are having fun if nothing else. :)

    I have been bouncing back and forth between WoW and EQ2 a little bit and I just downloaded World of Tanks to see what all the hype is about. I managed to get my DK to 65 now, and I am thinking of playing my paladin again soon.

  2. Lol, I just play whatever is fun that day! I don't play each one every day, sometime soon I need to pop back into WoW as it has been several days since I logged in.

    It's all about fun but I am sure I will tone it down in the next few weeks but that is the beauty of most of them being free!

    Oh we can group in WoW now! I will be on this weekend if you'd like to :D Gratz on the levels!!




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