Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have It YOUR Way!

I want it ALL! Yeah, I took your stuff! Whacha' gonna' do 'bout it?! That's right, keep walking.

Last night, and this morning, I managed to get some levels with my priest alt and hit Wrath, in WoW. She is sitting halfway into 68 and things are going smoothly. I'm mainly killing time waiting on 4.2 to come out. I check in to see what is going on with it at MMO-Champ and it seems like more and more tweaks. Gah, more tweaks? How about tweaking me some appearance slots and housing?! There are things for me to do but I've already been baited with the new content and that is what I want to do. If it doesn't come out soon I may just have to let my account freeze for a bit.

I suppose in a way I am just tired of heroics, raiding and so on. Dire and I don't even play together at this point, but as soon as (or IF) I get the priest back up there we should be golden.

I'm not burnt out on the games I play, just bored with all this conformity. I'm tired of keeping up on gear that gets replaced as fast as you can use it- As if it were toilet paper. I'm sick of min/maxing. I was playing EQ, recently, and Dire tells me that I should be doing this and that. But I don't want to do that stuff.... I want to do what I WANT. And? I do. He is a huge min/max player, I'm not these days.

I don't want to be some carbon copy of everyone else. I want to explore cool places and horde cool things to take back to my virtual 'castle'. I want to enjoy the games I play without worrying about every nit-picky detail. I'm a bit tired of reading blog posts that sound like second jobs with all the worry and stress put into what should be a fun hobby. Maybe it is me getting older and not wanting to rush into everything and spam rotations like my life depends on it. Whatever it is, I'm going with it.

I suppose this is just a selfish post about what I want. I like the things that last through expansions, housing, appearance items, mounts, pets, titles and so on. So, lately I've been leaning heavily towards EQ2 for this reason. Then again I don't love every aspect about EQ2 but it offers a lot of things for me to do. That is why I play on EQ2X, so it is always available without a sub. I just want to settle down to one game for a bit, I guess.

No game is perfect though. So, I'm just weighing my options a bit. Do you feel like you just want to march to your own drummer sometimes? What do you do? I feel like this more and more. Right now I feel like having Burger King, just so I can have it my way...



  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    While trying to avoid sounding entitled, I will say that *we* the consumer should not feel bad scrutinizing the games we play. Time is a huuuge factor, and tacking on a monthly sub on top of that makes it even more important. Time is 'spensive, money is obviously 'spensive, and charging *our* time demands a payoff that we enjoy. It doesn't have to be the bestest, but something that satisfies *something* of our cravings and wants.

    Your bud likes min/maxin', and there is plenty of that in WoW to be had. I'm still gearing up my DK so I am in a good place right now. Strong enough not to feel gimped, but not topped off enough to feel the full effect of The Grind. (Currently doing bgs and Pugs to amass honor. Heroics just opened up for me Tuesday and already I'm at the cap of earning this week. Used those points to buy more pvp gear, and got a few lucky greed rolls so the combined iLvl allows me to get into the troll heroics! Not easy, which I like. But I'm being hopeful that they do not turn into facerolling with just one tier above the content.)

    Heroics is actually a very efficient way to get the honor sets, I've noticed. You got the Valor bonus, which can be converted to Conquest (I think it's called) on a 1 to 1 ratio. After you hit the cap, and even while trying to, the bosses give Triumph which can be turned into regular Honor with a small hit, 350 changs to 250. Add in reputation tabards and the doors are-a openin' for me.

    Just hope that The Grind stays away for awhile XD

  2. Well said. I just can't sit in front of a game for long, extended periods of time anymore. I need to get up and do something else. I also like to explore and just do different things sometimes. I do wish there was housing to work on or maybe appearance slots, I could go farm sets to wear!

    Hehe, yes the grind is something I don't always enjoy! GL on the gearing up thing, it sometimes can be exasperating!




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