Monday, January 24, 2011

Life of An MMO Gypsy- 1/11

I've been wandering around the different landscapes of several MMO games. It's nice though, just taking my time and waiting out some of those new releases I want to get my hands on. So here's a bit of what I've been doing or plan on doing ;)

I am so excited about beta this week. MMOGC sent me a beta key, which was so very awesome of her. Then after activating it I saw I was also sent the VIP key with 25 uses. So if anyone needs a RIFT beta key, please let me know. Shoot me an email. Address is over there --->

I think I'm mainly waiting around to play RIFT, more than anything. I will know for sure after playing beta. I sure hope I like it, I could use a change of pace. I am trying not to get too excited because after the beta there is still a bit of waiting for release. We'll see how it goes. I'm just excited about getting into beta. Happy, happy, happy kaozz *does a little shimmy*!

Still goin at it with EQ. Last night I grouped with Dire and burned my lesson, combined with his swarm killing (thank Tunare for the rogue escape skill, else I'd be toast too many times) I gained about 30 AA points in half an hour. I still need many, many more. I think I'm sitting on 180 or so. We were going to group again later in the night but Tut started being cute and I had to get out the camera while he was smacking my character on the screen.

So, I hope to get some EQ action on again tonight and knock out more AA. Alone I can't get them nearly as fast but my character is advancing and in due time it won't go as slowly. The rogue isn't nearly as bad for soloing if you keep to certain content. The poisons proc, especially with the right AA points, quite often and do a major portion of my DPS. Critting at 71, with poisons, is around 7500 now which is nice. I kill faster with her than any of my other characters (besides my 84 mage) and almost as fast as the 76 beastlord.

I don't play the game heavily right now but I am enjoying it. It's a great game to group with and play with friends so sometimes soloing only keeps me entertained for a half hour or so.

I've picked up this game again but with a new character to get me back into the swing of things. Eventually I'd like to pick back up on the captain but for now I'm enjoying my new minstrel. She's around level 10 or so and it's been fun being back. I even managed to catch Syp on and say hi, which was cool. It's always very awesome to catch up in game with other bloggers.

I started with an Elf this time and I really enjoy the scenery more in this area. I love it there, I love the elves. I'm soaking in the lovely areas and enjoying the game. I've sort of been jumpy, trying to get the title for not dying by level 20. My son laughs at me as I run away from mobs 'fearing for my life'! I'm hoofin' it outta caves and ruins just trying to escape these evil creatures that want to kill me, my dignity is suffering. The only game this [dying] really impacts me in is EQ, so it's a bit different worrying about it in another game.

LoTRO is a good solid game and I often wonder why I don't play it more. It's quite fun, a laid back theme park but not to the point of being an easy mode game. I still have to think while playing. I'm a MMO gypsy though and I enjoy traveling from game to game. If you're looking for something solid to try out, LoTRO is a good one.

Second Life & Project Entropia
I've tried to like Second Life and get a feel for it. However, I don't think it's enough in the direction of a MMO for me to stick with [long term] or ever get a subscription for, maybe one day. First off it has no direction. That is the beauty and beast of it. The beauty is the chance to form and shape your character and the world around you, the beast is what a freaking lot to learn and it can be consuming if you really get into it!

I'm not wanting to put much time into the game so it limits to what I can do now. While I do want to design some stuff I just don't feel, at this point, it's worth it with something I can't see myself playing on a regular basis. Too much time.

The game loads like molasses. Nothing is local, it's all loaded as you visit new areas, so you can imagine how some of these zones can take ages to load. It gets old waiting on it to load every time I head somewhere new. I tweaked some settings and it loads faster but I'd never go as far to say it loads fast.

The upside is people are nice, so far. There are also some gorgeous places to visit. It's really spectacular in some aspects. But there feels like nothing to do, right now, and I guess it's really about what you make of it. You have to pay money for land so just starting out it can be sort of boring. Not saying it's a bad game, it's really quite unique actually, it's just not so great of a thing for someone like myself to invest in, at this point in time.

I actually checked out Project Entropai and that game has less direction than SL. I had a kind person run up to me, upon loading into the game, and show me how to get to a safe spot. Apparently the game started me out in a bad spot? I looked around and logged out after five minutes. I suppose I just didn't have it in me to do more research on a game that I didn't feel drawn to at all. 

So that's it. Being a MMO gypsy, or rather a nomadic player, can be fun sometimes. I do crave to stick to something again but it'll happen when it happens! Have a fun week all!



  1. Hmm Rift, unless they have drastically changed the combat then I think this is one I can defo say I'll not be buying it at launch. The sound effects are horrendous and really ruin the feel of fighting imo.

    I was hoping to see if there was any improvement in this beta event however it seems the good folks at Trion have gave out too many beta keys and dont have enough servers to allow people to log on....... PR stunt? or lack of foresight I'll let others choose.

  2. I wanted to check it out and see how it was, first hand, before deciding. Having to wait until tomorrow it looks like :( Video card went out on me when I was in the character creation... Wonderful start eh?

    The login was a PITA. I logged in and was fine, logged out to update something then when I got back in in about a minute I had an eleven minute queue.. WTH!?

    It's just not my day...




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