Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AFK! Too Much Cute Edition

RIFT beta today, woot! AFK today but I plan on throwing out some first impressions of the game and some idea of what my direction will be since I've finally had a look at RIFT. In the back of my mind I've sort of been waiting around for this and I've just been flittering around in multiple games to pass some time and weigh my options on what I want. Anyhow... more tomorrow! Here's a dose of cuteness that is Tut, while I'm away the cat is at play.

My turn!...



  1. Yay, trying out a new game, even testing in beta is always so exciting. Do you think you'll Guardian or Defiant? I'm Defiant on the Wolfsbane server if you want to say hello! Name is Caidia

  2. Man is that Cute! You have to frame this!!

  3. @ MMOGC- Not sure yet what I will be but I will surely look for you when I get in! Thanks for the heads up :D

    @ Janet- Hehe, good idea!




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